Radio Production Tip: Using Relevant FX


Producing these days is a breeze, especially if you have subscribed to the most cutting edge production library or service out there.

But because of the vastness of FX, the use of appropriate sound elements is sometimes neglected.

Say for example, if you are trying to produce a sweeper that goes with the following copy:

“Listen to the hits on the go, download the Hit Radio iPhone app now on our website.”

Now usually one would pull out a phone FX combo to put in there . But just because there is a “phone” keyword, doesn’t mean you can use JUST ANY KIND of effect that has something to do with “telephone”.

Use something as symbolic as like a common iPhone ring or message tone as an SFX. “Tritono” and “Marimba” are classic sounds that the Apple phone users are familiar with.

This is a no-brainer actually, but you get the point. Everything in your production, from the voice track to the FX, should bring home the message.

Below are the Tritono and Marimba iPhone sounds.

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