On The Sly Invades South Africa


On The Sly Audio Production in the UK created a twin fresh rhythmic CHR jingle package for two of the biggest radio stations in South Africa – 94.7 Highveld Stereo Johannesburg & 94.5 KFM Cape Town.

Our friend Chris Thorpe from On The Sly is so proud to announce.

“We’re pleased … no … delighted … no … we’re Tom Cruise on Oprah excited to announce the release of a new rhytmic CHR/Hot AC jingle package!”

The custom cuts were written to coincide with a package refresh for Highvedl Stereo & KFM in South Africa, and a station relaunch for FIre Radio and Nova Radio in the UK.

Perfect for CHR and Hot AC stations – check out the package as heard on air. http://www.onthesly.co.uk

Listen to the montage below:

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