8 Ways To Optimize Windows 7 For Audio Production


When I upgraded my workstation to Windows 7, it was such a relief, and a breeze. Considering the fact that I have also upgraded the specs, I expect a smooth and fast audio production experience.

However, I noticed that with OS upgrading, comes also the disadvantages of having to tweak my computer. Not to mention I had to update my softwares, and download drivers that will make everything compatible with the new OS. There are simple and obvious ways to make your Windows system producer-friendly.

Here is what I found at Mix Magazine, 8 simple ways to optimize your PC for audio production.

  1. Select the right platform for you –Workstation class machines ideal for audio
  2. Install quality components
  3. Use RAID and SSD to accelerate disk access
  4. Low latency audio hardware –Preferably PCIebased interface
  5. Adjust BIOS to disable unused devices
  6. Configure Windows for performance and optimize background processes
  7. Disable or remove unused apps and services
  8. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

More detailed tips below:

How to Optimize Windows 7 for Audio Production

Or view the webinar here http://www.media.qualitytech.com/client/new_bay/2011_0414/301472/SocNet-launch.htm