JingleWorld Vol. 5 Now available


S2Blue announces that the latest CD in the JingleWorld collection is now available – featuring a further 98 categorised commercial jingles. The website (www.jingleworld.co.uk) to search a jingle that will suit your commercial need.


In the mean time, a number of stations have signed up to take advantage of S2Blue’s Creative Consultancy training course, which is free to all their existing customers.

The unique training programme, covers effective brief taking, year long planning, needs analysis, harnessing change and aspects of advertising law. It consists of a mixture of presentations, interactive games and is interspersed with interviews with some of the leading people in the radio advertising industry, as well as examples of creative and critically acclaimed commercials.

More information and client feedbacks are available here. The training is free to stations that use S2blueCreative for commercial production.