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Cool Toolz V4: Something cool to spice up your imaging

Need a production library that makes your station sound cool in no-time? Don’t waste any time and just get Cool Toolz V4 and start producing right away! It contains 150 High Energy FX and Work Parts that quadruple the power of your imaging!

Give your production some punch with the wide arrange of Impacts or start your jingles or promos on the fly with the Starters. Create speed with the Risers, Sweeps and Launchpads. Or break things up with the Breakers and Switchers.

Cool Toolz V4 is compatible with Hot AC, CHR, Urban and Rock formats and is ideal for stations, podcasters or independent producers with a smaller imaging budget. It’s also available in an affordable bundle with all Cool Toolz libraries.

Get it now and create the coolest imaging with Cool Toolz V4. 

Checkout the audio demo https://soundcloud.com/stickyfx/cool-toolz-v4-demo

Or download it immediately at:


Radioimagershop.com Sound FX Package 01

Radioimagershop.com Sound FX Package 01, 25 Of the best SFX you can buy at this moment for a affordable price.

Get it now using the link below:

Numbers 1 till 50 in 3 languages (male and female)

Get 75 FX: In Demand Micro Imaging FX Library Gets 2019 Update from @StickyFX

Sticky FX, one of the world leaders in imaging FX, stays true to its mission in providing quality radio imaging and production sound elements available to all, now with a 2019 update to their in demand micro imaging FX library, the Sampler Pack consisting of 75 elements from their best selling libraries at 30,00 €. Now is the time to get a taste of Sticky FX’s massive library of imaging tools at a micro package that’s within your reach.

Not sure which of the Sticky FX libraries suits your station’s sound best? Or you just have a really small budget? Here’s a new ideal FX pack for you!

It’s the Sticky FX Sampler Pack, including 75 of the best fx and work parts compiled from all the Sticky FX libraries. They have taken 2 or 3 original tracks from each Sticky FX library so you can really get a feel of what sort of sounds are in every one of our libraries. There’s something in there for every format.

And the most beautiful of it all, it’s royalty free and yours to use in your imaging forever! Get a taste of Sticky FX with the Sampler Pack!

Visit the link below


Download the Ultimate AC and Hot AC branding tool Glide 4 @StickyFX

Are you doing imaging for an AC or Hot AC station? Then you probably recognize this situation where you’re losing lots of valuable time looking for the right FX or work part? Especially if you’re doing production for a hybrid format where News and Talk are combined with AC music, the tone of voice of your imaging is elementary.

You don’t want the harsh and in your face CHR sound but you do want your station to sound contemporary, but in a stylish adult way. That’s why we at Sticky FX carefully crafted a library that instantly gives you the perfect element for your production.

Fourth library

Glide is already for seven years, the absolute standard in AC and Hot AC FX and work parts and this is the fourth library in the Glide series. A huge library with a fresh, contemporary and smooth sound. Exactly how you want your station to sound.

Glide 4 has over 600 brand new FX & work parts. All elements are specially designed for AC and Hot AC Radio and categorized, so you save time and immediately get the right sound for your production!

A wide range

The library comes with lots of whooshes in all styles, velocities and intensities. Give your imaging more speed with the Risers. It features a wide range of Impacts from soft and smooth to punchy and big. Beautiful Musical elements like melodic Starters, Stagers, Logo’s and FX. When you need that subtle ‘less is more’ sound and want to make your imaging sound really delicate, use the Glitches. Create forward movement in a subtle way with the Fly Ins. Accentuate or create a great end of your production with the Hits. Glide 4 has them from big to small and fast to slow. There’s the Starters to create great ‘back to music’ ID’s or start of your promo’s with.

Seamless transitions

An incredible amount of Whoosh hits gives you the ability to create seamless transitions between all your programming elements. Beeps & breakers that can be spliced in anywhere you need. Glide 4 has lots of Pads in all kinds of moods and intensities for your presenters to talk over or use them in your promo’s to create a smooth ambience. The Combos combine all the strengths of all the FX in Glide 4. When you want to create smooth and swift transitions, use the Wipes. And then of course this library has some great Beds to talk over or use them for the right sound in your promo’s.

The perfect feel and flow

Create that modern and adult sound you’re looking for. Glide 4 gives your imaging the perfect feel and flow. And every element fits in seamlessly. Glide 4 is the ultimate audio branding tool for AC and Hot AC formats.
Glide 4 is also available in a friendly priced bundle containing Glide 1 to 4.

Get Glide 4 now for your station at www.stickyfx.com! Now with a 50 Euro introduction discount, for 349 EURO instead of 399 EURO (limited time offer)

Checkout the audio demo at:


Or simply download it immediately at:

Yes, Time to Download the new Morning Freqz Vol 1 & 2 Imaging FX Libraries

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Sound Designers and Imaging Producers, Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin team up to bring you “MORNING FREQZ” Vol 1 & 2

Morning Freqz is here! A total of 711 tracks specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging!

You can never have enough material for your Mornings, and “MORNING FREQZ” is essential for updating your most important branding needs. Your Morning Show’s imaging is the equivalent of the Ole’ adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Mornings set the pace for the rest of your listeners’ day.

Guarantee that they wake up on the right side of bed!

* Interchangeable Elements To Inspire, Create & Revitalize
* Plug & Play Morning /Breakfast Themed Shells
* Morning Infused FX
* A Multitude Of Mix & Match Audio Building Blocks
* Beds
* Drops
* Listener Drops
* Contest/Game & Social/Tech FX
* Loads Of Mix-Out Tracks

Morning Freqz Vol. 1 & 2 Includes: 237 Imaging FX + 54 Beds plus mix-outs (195 Tracks)
+ 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops + 68 Listener Drops + 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mixouts)

Now available here:


Joe & Bryan have created this imaging library with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind.
Given the stressful deadlines, producing multiple stations and late nights, these tools should increase
your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air
………you might even get a night or weekend off!

5 and 3 Are Radio Producers’ Lucky Numbers, Check It Out Here @StickyFX

5 because Cool Cutz Level 5 is here, the latest imaging FX library from Sticky FX.

Cool Cutz Level 5 contains 75 FX with the distinctive Cool Cutz sound. Short and powerful FX that will boost your imaging to a new level.

This library is now available for download for just 49 EURO. Cool Cutz Level 5 is also included in the Cool Cutz Bundle.

And why 3, because Glide 3 is also here.

After months of hard work Sticky FX finished Glide 3, the perfect library for AC and Hot AC with over 600 FX and Work Parts.

The price of this new library is 400 EURO. For a limited time only you can get Glide 3 for just 350 EURO. Just order Glide 3 from the website to take advantage of the discount. The discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Now heard on Dutch Full Service Radio Station Omroep Brabant, Rhône FM Switzerland and Spreeradio 1055 from Berlin Germany.

If you’re for more deals, check out these 3 packages now on sale.

Sampler Pack: 20,00 -> 15,00 EURO
Micro Shots: 49,00 -> 34,00 EURO
Cool Cutz 1: 99,00 -> 49,00 EURO

Visit StickFX.com now

FX Vol 2 Arrives with 200 Original Sound Designs from #TeamAudioSweets @ASXaudio

Fresh sound design from #TeamAudioSweets – FX Vol. 2 out now from ASX!

AudioSweets is proud to announce the release of FX. Vol. 2 – the latest release from the ASX library.

Following on from the success of the first ASX FX album, FX Vol. 2 is crammed full of 200 original sound designs, separated into 8 categories to cover all your imaging needs; no matter what your format or brief!

Including Impacts, Beeps, Reverse, Soft, Separators, Sub, Live and Imaging Beats! All for just £50(GBP)+VAT!

Check out the video show reel now:


From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small.

The service is created for radio producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio while saving time and money.

The complete ASX album collection is available for instant download on the all new AudioSweets at https://www.audiosweets.com/asx

Sign up for as a member of AudioSweets.com to manage your bought content and for exclusive discounts.

Sound Quadrat Launches Fame FX

Sound Quadrat (www.soundquadrat.de) is pleased to announce the official release of the brand new imaging FX package called “Fame FX”.

Ryan Drean, of RyanOnTheRadio.com had an interview with Andy Sannemann, one of the creators of the library. Watch video below.

The only buyout package you need this year – an energetic, bad ass and powerful tool to make your stuff stand out.

Fame FX comes with tons of mix outs, solo workparts and includes : impacts, hits, sonic IDs, starters, electronics, flyIns, combos, slow downs, stops and much more. Also get energetic Loops and imaging FX. Get your station on the next level. This package brings you Fame.

Fame FX delivered via download and ready to roll in 3…2…1…

Fame FX will launch on April 2011, for more info, go to www.fame-fx.com



Fame FX Video Interview from Fame FX on Vimeo.