This “KISS” Station is Now A Visual Radio Via Satellite


Radio Kiss Kiss TV debuts in Italy via satellite TV.

Radio Kiss Kiss TV has been present on the satellite for a few days. After a brief trial period (anticipated by the TV Observatory of Alessandria Digitale), the television station of the homonymous network now broadcasts permanently from Hotbird 13th east.

The programming, at the moment, is characterized by a non-stop rotation of music videos and the issuer’s liners.

Radio Kiss Kiss TV is present on the DVB-S2 frequency 11662V sr27500 fec3 / 4.

To tune it to Sky you need to proceed with adding channels and store it “manually” in the package that goes from the LCN 9600 number.

On TiVuSat, however, it is already possible to find it among the channels with non-fixed numbering, higher than the LCN 1000.

Radio Kiss Kiss TV, which has been broadcasting on the web for a long time, is thus added to the various radio brands present in visual radio via satellite.

About Radio Kiss Kiss

In 1976 Radio Kiss Kiss was a fledgling Neapolitan broadcaster that gave life to an intuition: combining radio entertainment with the most advanced standards of disco entertainment.

In 2017 Radio Kiss Kiss is an established national broadcaster that is giving life to another intuition: combining radio entertainment with the most advanced standards of web communication.

Today Radio Kiss Kiss talks with its audience creating conversations that move from the airwaves to the network with a two-way trend.

Its speakers are multimedia storytellers who combine songs, words and images focusing on emotional involvement.

His programs are stories. Designed to be listened to in the car, with iPhone headphones or on a beach on the Romagna Riviera.

Its listeners know that every speaker makes his program a sharing space where it is possible to interact by acting on the phone, commenting on a post on Facebook, participating in one of the many broadcasts made on the outside, where maybe take a selfie with a VIP.

“Play everywhere” is the claim that sums up this philosophy. The philosophy of a brand with a great past that makes the future present.