Yup, Imaging FX From 12 Libraries For Only €20 @StickyFX


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Finding new fx for your station’s imaging is not easy. There’s lots of great stuff out there but what library is ideal for your specific needs? Sticky FX has a new handy fx pack that can help you out!

Not sure which of the Sticky FX libraries suits your station’s sound best? Or you just have a really small budget? Here’s a new ideal FX pack for you!

It’s the Sticky FX Sampler Pack, including 50 of the best fx and work parts compiled from all the Sticky FX libraries. We’ve taken 2 or 3 original tracks from each Sticky FX library so you can really get a feel of what sort of sounds are in every one of our libraries. There’s something in there for every format.

In the Sampler Pack you’ll find elements from the libraries CHR Volume 1, Beat Fillers, Cool Cutz 1 to 3, Pink Noise, Glide 1 and 2, Brain Freez, Radio Bomb, X-Calibur, Micro Shots, Kix FX, Broken Air and Power Impacts.

And the most beautiful of it all, it’s royalty free and yours to use in your imaging forever! Get a taste of Sticky FX with the new Sampler Pack!

You can get the Sampler pack at: https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/sampler-pack.html


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