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Scientists Confirm Flagellation Sound as Authentic  

A recent promo for a local morning show contained a suspiciously accurate recording of someone passing gas.  While the producer of the show claims to have simulated the audio, further analysis confirms that the sound was not made with a human mouth, or armpit.  “This is the real deal.  Someone actually cut the cheese here.” said lead researcher for Harvard’s Center for Flagellation Identification.. (read more )

On Some Other Important Producer News

Big Fish 7 from is ready to be your next imaging and production tool!

If seven is your lucky number, today is your lucky day. If seven isn’t your lucky number, let us know, and we’ll rename the package so you’ll buy it anyway. Aside from the new Taylor Swift album, this may be the most important purchase you’ll ever make.

Music Beds: 313

FX: 574

File Size: 623MB

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Big Fish Workparts Vol. 7

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