These New Jingles Are ‘Diverse and Perfect’ @BrandyJingles @ONEFMofficiel



BRANDY JINGLES has been writing a success story with ONEfm in French-speaking Switzerland that’s been going on for 5 years now.

The market leader among commercial radio stations in Geneva has once again chosen the Brussels jingle producer for its on-air branding.

Contemporary music beds with long shelf-life and catchy vocals are ONEfm’s recipe for success.

The new package consists of 13 basic cuts on which only ‘ONEfm’ is sung. The jingles are adaptations from the Hitzone packages that were produced previously for Contact FM, Qmusic’s THE MAX, and several cuts from Kickstart, the Brandy jingle package that’s now on-air at stations all over the world.

“We are delighted with these new jingles, which are being received very positively,” says Aurélien Chupin (ONEfm). “The new package is a collection of diverse styles that sound very current and work perfectly with our programming.”

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