Tuned Beats



Channel 4 switched all channels 4 a PURE sound!

Broadcasting with a Rhythmic CHR format to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and 5 other Emirates, 104.8 Channel 4 is The Beat of the UAE! Great music and uplifting entertainment are key ingredients of this English-speaking station for 18- to 34-year-olds in the United Arab Emirates.


Channel 4 was looking for an energetic sound to make a mark in this highly competitive radio market with 10 million people, including 8 million expats, living the high life. The sky is the limit for the brand with 15 ‘beat-iful’ IDs coming from the PURE JingleBox!

Their favorite tracks are re-branded with a new logo and voiceovers, using progressive-sounding edits & effects on the voices – you could call it ‘tuned beats’. The package is part of a revamped look, sound & personality for Channel 4 to reach great heights in 2016!





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