Electrifying 4 Top Stations


Ending 2015 with imaging force, enjoy these PowerIntro highlights of 3FM, Studio Brussel, NRJ & WKTU! PowerIntros are a great way to create flow, as they blend your message and your song into one amazing piece of audio.

They also help you claim songs on your playlist as ‘yours’, making listeners feel that they hear their favorite hits on your channel. Last but not least, branded songs can charge your station with great energy!

Specific sound & approach

PURE Jingles creates PowerIntros for 4 brands that all have a specific on-air sound and imaging approach. 3FM and Studio Brussel love a voiceoverbased & progressive style; NRJ and WKTU are into sung & slick intros.

Join us on a trip to Holland, Belgium, France and the US, from Serious Radio to The Beat of New York, with the best of PURE PowerIntros ‘15.



Happy holidays!

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