Officially! The Best KISS Jingle Package This 2015 @ignitejingles


The original Ignite Kiss package hit the airwaves in over a dozen countries, and the  brand new Ignite Kiss 2015 jingle package is set to follow in its footsteps!

Check out the resings for 88 Stereo in Costa Rica, School Radio in France and Play 99.6 in Jordan to hear the flexibility of each cut!


The team is delighted to have Ignite Kiss 2015 on Play 99.6 in Jordan – a station they’ve always enjoyed listening to.

Check out a montage of the audio. These were sung in the UK, and are now on air.

(Want to hear more versions? You can hear Nile FM’s massive set of jingles here, because there are never enough jingles in the world!)


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