TGM Studios Presents Camel Web FM 2014 Jingle Package


TGM Studios in Romania has announced the release of the new ID jingle package of 4 jingles for CamelWeb FM.

The package showcases voice talents of Mari Ferencz, David Kusztos – created by TGMStudios Romania.

It is the first package from the production company and they are announcing that they will be offering a special discounted price.

“We’ve been working extremely hard at TGMStudios Romania and last week we launched our first real jingle package. It’s a huge one.”

– Herman van der Veen, CEO at CamelWeb Creations and TGM Studios.

“We’re celebrating the launch of our first sung jingles by offering re-sings for just $ 175.- for 4 jingles and various mix-outs, to everyone ordering through our Facebook page, during the month of March 2014. ”

Contact the team at TGM Studios by messaging them on their Facebook page below.

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