ASX Softees Grants Your Request


The brand new album from ASX slows things down. Rather than glitchs and punches……it wants a kiss and a nice cuddle.

ASX Softees is the album many have been requesting from us.

Over 140 sound files including 50 lite sounding FX, from wooshes, to starters, blips to lighter ended impacts….these subtle FX will sound great in the mix. We have made new original beds, with 60,30 and lite mixs, new beats, made some music demonstrators and added artist drops to reflect the sound!

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ASX Popcore Vol:2

It is back! We know you have been asking for more….but….we just haven’t got round to it till now! So enjoy!

With over 120 new sound bites, FX,Beats, Beds, Artist Drops, Imagers, Beat Matched Demonstrators and more!

Have a listen and to buy, click!

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