WBEB Philadelphia Bags Silver Addy Award


RBR.com reported today that B101 Philadelphia won the Silver Addy Award for its 60-second commercial titled “Sarge”.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized for this award, especially as the only radio station to ever win,” said Jerry Lee of WBEB FM.

“We’ve made a commitment to create more engaging and more effective advertising spots that connect with listeners. This award is further validation of our approach and the positive impact we are making in the field of radio advertising.”

The recognition is the recent in a string of ad awards received by the station. B101 is still the only station in Philadelphia to bag home ADDY Awards.

B101 has also been honored with the following awards: a 2010 Gold ADDY Award for Radio Self-Promotion of the “Woodpecker :30” spot, a 2010 Silver ADDY Award for Radio Self-Promotion of the “Duck :30” spot, as well as the 2010 Radio-Mercury Award for “Woodpecker :30” spot

Original article here http://rbr.com/b101-wins-silver-addy-award/

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