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Tired of tweaking sounds that are too loud for your station or freshening up softer stuff that sounds like Buck Roger’s laser beams?

Sticky FX knows just like you do that when you’re imaging an AC or HOT AC station it’s extremely hard to find FX and work parts that fit you station’s feel and sound. It’s always the same; either it’s too aggressive or it’s soft enough but it sounds OLD! Even the packages that claim to be perfect for your format sound too harsh and fat. No way this stuff could blend in with the music your stations plays!

Get The ‘GLIDE’ AC SFX Library [Click Here]

The wait is over! Sticky FX Productions presents a custom made production FX package for AC and HOT AC formats called ‘Glide’. 350 FX and work parts that make your imaging sound classy and accentuate your message in a subtle way. No fierce attacks or ground shaking rumbling impacts but easy and friendly sounding beds and drones that blend in with your station’s sound just right.

Impacts and breakers that cut through but with just the amount of energy it needs and nothing more! Lots of fly-inns and whooshes that fit in anywhere and make your transitions flow or as we like to call it…..Glide.

Glide has 350 FX and work parts divided in 10 categories like beds, bleeps, breakers, drones, fly-inns, impacts, logo’s, musical elements, stagers and whooshes. The new package from Stick FX is ideal for AC and HOT AC Formats as well as for Smooth R&B and for AC/News hybrids and News and Talk formats.

An FX library that compliments your music and station’s sound. Friendly and subtle but still with enough power to make your station’s brand stand out!

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