6 Ways To A Winning Breakfast Show


Looking for some hard and fast ideas to make sure your breakfast morning drive show is firing n all cylinders?

Award-winning producer and presenter Paul Hollins from Blue Revolution, has six of the best tips, quick, and easy-to-action checklist that will help ensure your show stands the best chance in your market place.

Here are six of the best ways that can help you create that content.

  1. Use the phones and social media for material – spark a conversation and ask listeners to contribute content
  2. A slice of life – give listeners an insight into your life and giving them a comfortable cue to interact back.
  3. Plan Ahead – What’s coming up in your market that you can plan for now?
  4. Make It Topical – ask what is hot today? It’s important that you know what’s happening now.
  5. Give Them A Reason To Keep Coming Back – always welcome listeners into the morning show and promote what’s happening later or tomorrow.
  6. Be Consistent – Reliability and dependability are two key drivers when it comes to your audience and their listening habits.

Services like the Prep Sheet can help you prepare your breakfast show in the most efficient way.

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About The Author

Paul Hollins is the CEO of Blue Revolution. He is an award-winning presenter and producer who career includes Key 103, BRMB, Capital FM and London’ Heart 106.2.

Visit Blue Revolution at www.BlueRevolution.com and subscribe to the e-Zine for free monthly tips on radio production and programming

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