Breakout Producer Inspired by Z100’s Dave Foxx Debuts


The industry has seen in the last few years a breakout of up and coming radio producers who could be the next Dave Foxx or Eric Chase in the business.

Some of these fellows I am really proud are Nic Kelly from Australia and Gavan Bruderer in the US, who by the way is a Pat Garett apprentice.

This “millenium” generation of radio producers are no doubt inspired by the Prod God Dave Foxx.

And our guy Ari Brown from New York is one of them.

Ari has worked with two stations and his specialty he says is CHR and Hot AC.

How did you start?

Ari: “When you were 17 you probably had a a part-time job after school.  I do, too.  But mine is a little bit different.  I do radio station imaging!”

“Inspired by Z100’s Dave Foxx, I started by creating image spots for my Internet radio station, Hits HD.”

“My local radio station “discovered” me when someone on their staff heard Hits HD.  Now, I’m doing imaging for their news/talk station and their Urban/Caribbean station, covering the entire new york area.  I’m doing work for them and I’m also getting interest from other stations.”

The 17-year old producer has just started his Dynamik Media Networks and is ready to do imaging.

Ari says his turnaround is quick via MP3 or WAV, and he can also arrange an ISDN feed.

He has worked with voice talents such as John Harper and Hadas Brown.

Ari Brown can be reached through his page at

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