Emily McIntosh and Annagrey Labasse: Royalties of Radio Jingle Imaging


Originally posted on February 15, 2008. This is the first time that two of the most popular and most well-loved voices in the jingle imaging industry, along with top notch Nashville musicians and talented jingle producers from Seattle, teamed up to create a jingle package for heritage station WGKX FM Kix 106 Memphis.

The two singers I am talking about here are no less than jingle darling Emily McIntosh and Oprah’s Pop Star Finalist Annagrey LaBasse. In terms of musical experience and jingle singing fluency, these two women are definitely on top the list.

Aside from being a session singer for ReelWorld, IQ Beats and JonesTM, Emily also sings publicly during special occasions (Emily McIntosh Sings At The Sorrento Hotel). In fact, Emily also does voiceover works when she’s not belting it out inside jingle studios.

Annagrey Labasse

But little is only known about Annagrey Labasse. Well, to start with, Annagrey is one familiar voice in the jingle capital world, Dallas, Texas. She’s been singing for JAM, TM Century, Thompson Creative for quite some years now. Annagrey loves singing jingles a lot whether it’s for a UK or a US station. She’s very well adept to doing it yet Annagrey loves the simplest pleasures of staying at home with her three kids.


In 2006, Annagrey tested the limelights when she joined Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge on which at stake was a recording contract for Epic. You can review and watch her performance on the said competition here on the Oprah website (click here). And though she didn’t make it, Annagrey was able to share her great talent in singing this time to the whole world. Today, Annagrey still sings for some of the well respected radio stations in the world.

Click here to listen to Annagrey Labasse’s songs as heard on Oprah’s Pop Star Challenge.

Just recently, Annagrey can be heard doing the leads in the Kingdom FM package from JonesTM. And IQ Beats announced the release of the KIX 106 package which featured LaBasse and McIntosh together. To listen to the full package, visit www.iqbeats.com.

KIX 106 Package by IQ Beats feat Labasse and McIntosh

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