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2021 Z100, KIIS FM – Always On-trend On Air Sound with ReelWorld ONE

ReelWorld ONE continues to be Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet.

This service is a massive library of custom jingles, music beds, imaging workparts, song intros, sonic logos and vocal elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Your One library starts with a huge collection of core and specialty Jingles including Top of Hours, Morning Shows, Weather, News, Traffic, Holiday and Contest Themes. And your library continues to grow with new Jingles added every month.

Access the massive updating catalog of Produced ID’s. These Imaging/Jingle hybrids give you a unique way to brand your station using the power of an Imaging piece combined with the energy and proven recall of a sung jingle.

Sonic Logos
A massive updating library of your station sonic logo in a vast array of sounds, textures, keys and tempos. Provided as Imaging-style stingers, long-form talkover pads and drones plus standalone logo tones to give you maximum flexibility.

Song Intros
Fully produced song intro shells featuring either a vocal element or a musical sonic logo to stamp your brand onto the intros of hit songs.

Vocal Kit
Your station name sung in every key, plus positioning statements, dial positions, specialty sings and more, giving you the toolkit you need to make your brand sing.

Key & BPM Charts
Quickly find critical key and bpm info for chart songs allowing you to seamlessly key and tempo match your Jingles and Imaging with the music you play.

CHR, Country or AC, contact the ReelWorld ONE team now to get started. https://reelworld.com/one

Selection of Z100, KIIS jingles from ReelWorld ONE in 2021

ReelWorld Drops 2020 KIIS LA CHR Package

Designed to push musical boundaries and capture the energy, mood and diverse textures of today’s pop charts while continuing to elevate the sonic brand of the iconic CHR powerhouse. Listen to the full package and contact ReelWorld now http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/kiis-2020

We’ve trusted ReelWorld to create our jingles for more than 16 years now. They always capture the essence and energy of KIIS and know exactly how to keep pushing our iconic sonic brand forward.

John Ivey, Program Director 102.7 KIIS FM

Package includes:

  • 12 Core Themes
  • 2 Top Of Hours
  • Weather Theme
  • Promo Theme
  • Traffic Bed
  • News Bed
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Production Beds
  • Logo Workparts
  • Vocals

Imaging Sounds of KIIS, Capital UK, Nova Now at Your Fingertips

Killer Hertz V is the class-leading sound design and music library from the master audio image-makers at Jeff Thomas Productions.

The Killer Hertz V library is constantly evolving with new sound design elements, imaging FX and music beds, and every twisted, tortured, and tormented noise they have ever come up with.

Legendary Imaging Designer Jeff Thomas is the master audio imager behind top sounding stations like KIIS FM, Los Angeles; 95.8 Capital FM London; Virgin Radio, Nova FM Network Australia, and Sirius XM.

Now add your station to that impressive list by joining the sonically stacked FX universe of Killer Hertz V.

Request for a demo here http://www.radioexpress.com/production/killer-hertz-v/

New 102.7 KIIS FM, Z100 New York Jingles are sizzling hot!

Check out ReelWorld ONE’s latest highlight which includes sung jingles for KIIS FM Los Angeles, and Z100 New York.

ReelWorld ONE is a massive library of custom Jingles, Music Beds, Imaging Workparts, Song Intros, Sonic Logos and Vocal Elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Get your starter kit and monthly jingle updates, by going to

KIIS and WHTZ are among the top stations in the world that use ReelWorld for on air sound supremacy. Both KIIS FM Los Angeles and Z100 New York are owned by iHeartMedia which is now a separate company from Clear Channel Outdoor. Led by its CEO, William Eccleshare, this holding, integrated by Clear Channel International and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, will operate with its own board of directors and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCO.

The outdoor advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings ( CCOH ) has completed the separation of iHeartMedia to become an independent company with its own board of directors. The ordinary shares will continue to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCO.

CCOH is a holding integrated by Clear Channel International ( CCI ), which covers the business of Asia, Europe and Latin America; and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas ( CCOA ), which includes the markets of the United States and the Caribbean. The two will continue to operate as separate business divisions.

This new chapter of the company will be led by its CEO William Eccleshare and the recently appointed board of directors of CCOH.

The separation of CCOH from the parent company iHeartMedia was announced in December 2018 as part of the financial restructuring process of iHeartMedia, while the appointments of the board of directors of CCOH were published at the beginning of the year and today the separation has become effective.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings is one of the largest advertising companies in the world, with a portfolio of 450,000 screens installed in 31 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. A growing digital platform that includes more than 13,500 digital screens in its international markets and more than 1,200 digital posters in 28 markets in the United States.

Variety, iHeartMedia Launch New Film Podcast ‘The Big Ticket’

Lekker Hip Audio Goes Global

Lekker Hip Audio is a production company based in The Netherlands founded in 2008.

Lead by Ferry Van De Heijden Lekker produces commercials, custom sound design, voice imaging and more.

It also offers services for business presentations, films, digital signage, TV programs and commercials.

The mission is to build creative and help brands achieve their goals.

The commitment is to produce audio that will blow ones mind.

Lekker Hip Audio has done work for Radio 1, Q Music, SLAM!FM, Arrow Jazz FM, Radio Decibel, Omroep Brabant en RTV Utrecht.

Lekker is now ready to produce for and image your station.

Visit Lekker Hip Audio at http://www.lekkerhipaudio.nl