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Flex Media Factory Expands with New Radio Commercials Online Services 

Flex Media Factory is a Dutch-based audiovisual production company, specialising in jingles, radio and tv commercials, retail radio, podcasting and voicecasting. In 2022, the company expanded with the launch of Voordelige Radio Commercials  http://www.voordeligeradiocommercials.nl/.

Voordelige Radio Commercials offers radio commercials for both the local, regional and national market, and this works completely online. This makes Voordelige Radio Commercials the only company in the Netherlands that allows the processing of the order for a radio commercial to take place completely online.

Available both in Dutch and English, Flex Media Factory continues its commitment to offer high quality, industry standard audio branding and production services:
– Radio commercials
– Voice casting
– Spoken and sung station imaging
– Sung powerintro’s
– Podcasting services
– Retail Radio 

Contact the team at www.FlexMediaFactory.com

Commercial Reel March 16 by LFM Audio – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

Here is just some of what LFM Audio has been busy producing for Radio Stations worldwide.

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Dave Foxx Talks About The Art of War

In this month’s issue of the RAPMAG (Radio and Production Magazine), Dave Foxx talks about The Art Of War.

In his column, Dave says the key to successful image work is total integration.

“Every producer in this business is in the business of imaging.”

Also this month, Jeffrey Hedquist tackles on The Value of Entertainment in Radio Commercials. While it has been proven that commercials with high entertainment values attract more attention, there has also been numerous examples of memorable and funny ads that did not sell.

Radio people have also spoken up about the right time freshen the sweepers.

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Digital Radio Production Book with Audio CD & Adobe Audition Software, Click Here

Digital Radio Production

“This is the exact book I have been looking for. Everything was right on the money.” — Brett T. Holcomb, Burlington County College

Written by an author with over twenty years of industry experience, Digital Radio Production gives readers a comprehensive and solid grounding in the field. The full-featured text illuminates the world of radio technology in the twenty-first century, exploring aspects of production such as processing, mixing, and monitoring; the hands-on use of microphones; the basic science of analog and digital audio; and an introduction to high-definition radio. In addition, fieldwork, the art of announcing, and station promotional skills are addressed, thus enabling students to create an audition CD and be adequately equipped to pursue their first job in radio.

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Budweiser, Discovery Channel Radio Commercials

Client: Composite (Budweiser, Discovery Channel)
Voice: Albie Dee
Website: www.albiedee.com

[wpaudio url=”http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621055/ALBIE_Al_DeAngelo_Demo_August_2010.mp3″ text=”Budweiser, Discovery Channel Radio Commercials” dl=0]