Meet The World’s Most Famous Walking Production-FX Library [VIDEO]

Michael Winslow is known as the man of 10,000 noises or 10,000 sound effects. An actor, stand up comedian, and TV personality, Winslow has captured the world with his amazing vocal trickery.

Although, people have seen and heard his performances many times, he still doesn’t fail to captivate his audience.

If there is one thing we should learn from Michael as producers, that is to create and recreate sounds, and tell a compelling story out from them.

Michael mimics sounds, but it’s his unbelievable way of tying up all these different noises to entertain people. Not everyone is given this gift, so if you ran out of FX and probably thinking of improvising, you might wanna think about it first. 😉

Michael continues to learn, experiment and try different and new sounds. As an entertainer and a comedian, he also needs to be in the loop, get to know what topic’s “trending” so he can connect effectively to his audience.

Watching and listening to Michael Winslow doing all this stuff can either leave you jaw-dropped, or thinking about this — telling stories using sounds is not easy, it takes talent, yes, but it also requires time, time to learn, adapt, listen, and learn again.