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Amazon’s Smart Assistant Has New Tricks January 2019 “Alexa, play this station from iHeartRadio”

Win or lose, my team’s got moves.

Just ask, “Alexa, who do you want to win the big game?”


“Alexa, play North Pole Radio from iHeartRadio.”

• “Alexa, open 63rd and Wallace.”

• Go on an exciting journey to explore and unravel the secrets of 63rd and Wallace.

• “Alexa, sing a football song.”

• “Alexa, how much does an elephant weigh?”

• “Alexa, what is the most popular song this week?”

• “Alexa, open Brain Facts.”

• “Alexa, give me a Patriots burn.

• “Alexa, give me a Rams burn.”

• “Alexa, open Categories Game.”

• “Alexa, who wrote the book Twelve Rules of Life?”

• “Alexa, can I use the same wake word on all my devices?”

• “Alexa, when is the NBA All-Star Game?”

• “Alexa, will it rain tomorrow?”

• “Alexa, help me create a custom workout.”

• With the Personal Trainer Skill Blueprint, you can create and track custom weekly workouts with Alexa as your personal fitness coach.

• “Alexa, open Wait Wait Quiz.”

• “Alexa, when is Chinese New Year?”

• “Alexa, schedule lunch with Mom tomorrow at 1pm.”


• “Alexa, what’s the number for Domino’s?”

• “Alexa, find me a recipe for my football party.”

• “Alexa, remove chicken wings from my shopping list.”

iHeart Radio Xmas Promo

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iHeart Radio Pitbull Promo

Promo: “iHeart Radio Pitbull”
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