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Sound Logos for Download, Breaking News, Synths, more

Orange Free Sounds has made available mp3 sound logos to download.

From organic to synths, guitar, phone and there’s even breaking news sound logo.

The mp3 versions are free and small fee for the WAV versions.

The CinemaRaven production house discovered the most used sound effect in cinema and edited a demonstration video
The film production company CinemaRaven of Denver (Colorado) recently released a super cut composed of numerous movie trailers in which the same sound effect is used : that atonal descending scale with a synthetic sound that we have already heard in almost any film science fiction of 2016.

In the introduction to the video, CinemaRaven specifies that the trailers pasted in the video The Most Overused Sound Effect in Movie Trailers (2017 film trailers cut together) are only twenty, but that the list of trailers in which the abused special effect is present is very longer.

How to get 500 high quality individually designed radio imaging elements

WisebuddahFX1 continues to be a big success with 500 individually designed sounds to help you punctuate radio imaging and jingles in a modern, cutting edge fashion and it can already be heard on some of the biggest radio stations in Europe, including the Netherlands’ Radio 538.

All sounds have been created with usability in mind so you can easily mix and match different components. Whether you need in-your-face ear splitting breakers and heavy impacts, or light touches with wipes, risers and hi-frequency glitches.

Phil Tozer, General Manager of Wisebuddah Jingles: “We’ve seen a big influx of requests for a new, high quality FX library which sounds like nothing else out there, so we’ve obliged! This is the first volume of WisebuddahFX: our new, updating sound FX library… and Volume 2 is already on its way.”

Chris Hartgers, Radio 538: “There’s some seriously good stuff in there! Some of the FX are drag and drop, others are great to re-edit and create your own SFX. Every single effect is usable!”

Check out the demo and for more info or to purchase WisebuddahFX1, contact Wisebuddah in the usual way by contacting or visiting

Get Free VST Plugin, 6 Free Radio Sweepers

Grab these 6 radio sweepers:
Dont need ladder to climb youre on top of the hits
Call our staff we got your songs
Our cupboard of hits is just bigger
The fridge is cool but our music is hotter
Here are some words of wisdom dont change station
Our music is fertilizer for life somethings gotta grow
Get the files here link 1
You can also get it here link 2

Get the free VST Plugin, choose your operating system here

SQ8ROM is a sampled version of SQ8L, a VST plugin based on the sound and synthesizer architecture of the Ensoniq SQ80. SQ8ROM comes with 50 sounds, the remaining sounds are available as free expansions for a total of 168 sounds. SQ8ROM is a must-have if you produce synthwave, synth-pop, vaporwave, and any other 80s influenced genres.
Best of all, SQ8ROM will be forever free!


  • 168 sounds
  • Amplitude ADSR
  • Reverb
  • Multi-LFO
  • Can be used as a MSE file reader

Genelec is announcing three new products in its series The Ones , high-end of the well-known manufacturer that seeks to optimize the monitoring process from the integration of advanced calibration and compensation systems according to the room. They are two new monitors and a subwoofer, the latter so far nonexistent in the series, which now includes the renewed classic 8351 that receives an update with more compact size and better performance in the new 8351B , announced next to the new model 8361A , now the largest of the house, and finally the adaptive subwoofer W371A that wants to change the game within the company.

The Ones series has its own concept of Genelec that seeks to implement a design of three-way monitors that converge under a single signal routing point , which favors the search for signal neutrality, listening in reduced or field environments nearby, or high precision work, calibration, among others.

Genelec 835B
The 8351B expands existing technology in its predecessor to offer higher SPL (113dB), additional equalizers for room compensation, and improved response in high frequency filtering. It operates in a frequency range of 32Hz and 43kHz, with a 250-watt woofer, a mid-range of 150 watts and a tweeter of 150.

For its part, the 8361A model arrive to considerably expand the possibilities of the series, with woofer it is 500 watts, the average range of 150 and the tweeter of 150. It offers a frequency range of 30Hz to 43kHz and has the largest range dynamic, SPL of 118dB.

Genelec 8361
The W371A is a subwoofer with front and rear cones and the GLM signal configuration and calibration system, under a design specially designed to integrate with the Ones series monitors. 120 SPL, frequency range from 23Hz to 500Hz and a design with a height of just over a meter high.

Genelec The Ones calibration
As they comment in Genelec, it is not simply a complementary speaker for bass frequencies, but a revolutionary design within what has been achieved so far in systems with dedicated subwoofer, achieving great flexibility to control the propagation of low frequencies, the integration with the monitors of the series and even the control of frequencies that normally do not correspond to a subwoofer, which is usually between 85 and 150Hz at most, to lower between 18 and 25Hz. In the case of W371A we speak of a double cone with a capacity of a considerable medium range that exceeds 400Hz.

The subwoofer has three modes of operation that include flat and neutral as well as configurations for different sub location points in the monitoring room. Everything is calibrated from the dedicated software taking into account both the position of the listener and the monitor in space.

The new models of The Ones series will be available this year from the main distributors of the firm. The price is € 4140 for an individual 8351B, € 4920 for the 8361A and € 9120 for the W371A.

How to Get Free Imaging Elements (CHR, Dance, Hot AC, NewsTalk, Podcasting)

From – Free Radio Imaging FX for Labour Day and Back To School.

Step 1. Email to get your link with the goodies!

Step 2. While you’re at it sign up for a free preview of the library at  

About CANFX Imaging

CANFX Imaging provides world class powerful radio imaging elements to Canadian Top 40 and Hot A/C radio stations and beyond, updated and growing daily. The library contains shelled produced promos, sweepers and more targeted to Canadian radio audiences.

Sean Galbraith

It is founded by Sean Galbraith – an international radio imaging producer, recognized for his work on Z1035 (CIDC-FM) Toronto. He has worked in radio production for 19 years. He also produces for various brands and formats all over North America plus digital platforms. He’s been in the radio imaging library game since 2008 and has contributed content for various libraries in Los Angeles and now CANFX. Sean is a husband and proud father of 3.

Use these FREE 30 Imaging FX for your production taken from 4 packages @LilMonsterMedia

Adam Venton is an expert in script writing, voice direction, mixing superb imaging and branding, no wonder he is called a jack of all trades by Colin McGiness (who worked with Venton in 2015) and definitely a master at his craft. Venton has taken this mastery in his audio imaging FX boutique Little Monster Media, now running for 3 years.

With the success of Bubblefuzz, FestiveFuzz and Impactipus, Little Monster Media will soon spawn another world class imaging fx package – Retrograde.

Lil Monster Media Free FX Sampler

And with the words of Robin Banks of Hi FM Oman, Adam “the all round nice guy” now allows radio producers and imaging directors to get a sneak peek at the package before the “eggs hatch” by way of a free sampler FX package.

30 absolutely free imaging FX taken from 3 of the popular Bubblefuzz, FestiveFuzz and Impactipus, plus tasters from the upcoming Retrograde package.

Listen to the preview below, and get this no-catch sampler using the link here

50 Radio Production Sounds Get It For Free

Get these 50 sounds you can use for your production at no charge or fee. Just enter your details on the page below and a link will be sent to your inbox. Thanks to the team at PURE Jingles for these generous package which is valued at $47.

About PURE Jingles. PURE Jingles started in 2007 as a subsidiary of VHU Europe, focusing only on jingle production and station imaging for radio stations in Europe.

They’ve produced many pieces of art for stations like BBC Radio 1, Capital, KTU, NRJ, NPO 3FM, StuBru, and other beautiful stations around the world.

The distinguishing feature of PURE Jingles material is the fact that it is produced in a collaborative effort with a groundbreaking attitude.A team of specialists and perfectionists is working on each and every jingle, to make sure the whole sound is tailored to your brand and playlist. Visit the website to hear more.

Grab these free radio production beds, perfect for promos or talkover

Zara Larsson, Katy Perry, Meghan Trainor and Taylor Swift, you know what they have in common? Their current smashers all have that 80s synth musical DNA.

And to celebrate the spirit of 4th of July and the opening of the season of the mega hit 80s inspired series Stranger Things, world leader in radio services TM Studios is giving away 80s synth production music at no charge.

Use these as promo beds or as talkover on air. Get them all here

On Thursday 4 July, Netflix will be streaming the third season of ‘ Stranger Things ‘, one of his most successful TV series and, consequently, one of the most awaited. The good news, for those who loved the adventures set in Hawkins and the Upside Down, is that the critics reviewed it more than positively. The time has therefore come to prepare ourselves for the vision, summarizing what is worth knowing, but without making spoilers.

Stranger Things, summary of previous seasons
Brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of the TV series and shorwunner of the first two seasons, also return to the third and continue to tell what moves between the streets and houses of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and what is hiding below the surface, in a disturbing world populated by monsters.

At the center of the new adventures, set during the summer of 1985, we find the protagonists of all time, who in the meantime have grown up, strengthened the bonds of friendship, weaved new ones and, in some cases, started a relationship loving. All of them will be forced to come to terms with the fact that “evil never ends, evolves” (as stated in the official synopsis).

The cast
On the adult front, Winona Ryder (who plays the mother of two of the young protagonists) and David Harbor (the head of the local police department) return.

The kids have once again the faces of Millie Bobby Brown (plays Eleven / Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp (Will) and Sadie Sink (Max).

The older ones are Natalia Dyer (Nancy), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan), Joe Keery (Steve) and Dacre Montgomery (Billy).

Among the new entries we highlight Priah Ferguson (Erica, Lucas’s little sister) and Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke and whose character is described as “an alternative girl”.

The Stranger Things 3 trailer

The criticism welcomed ‘Stranger Things 3’ quite well: on metacritic the average rating is 71/100. A first aspect that is worth underlining is the difference compared to the second season: in general the third was judged to be superior, but also lighter and more enjoyable, and characterized by a more than satisfactory ending.

A further thing that is important to emphasize is that season 3 adds relatively little to the already established narrative universe: some have considered this a defect, because they would have liked the Hawkins / Sottosopra relationship to be expanded in new ways. Others have appreciated that the Duffer brothers have not wanted to exaggerate, risking to heal.

Missing official confirmations, but Matt and Ross Duffer have previously stated that ‘Stranger Things’ will end after the fourth or fifth season. They will probably be more precise in a while.

The third season of ‘Stranger Things’ consists of eight episodes with a duration ranging between 40 and 60 minutes and will be published online July 4, leaving the freedom to choose how and when to watch them. Netflix suggests that viewers are subscribers at least fourteen years old.

176 Days to Christmas, Get this Free Xmas FX Package

When you’re preparing your station’s Christmas imaging it’s nice to have some neutral X-Mas FX in your imaging arsenal. Now you can downlaod a X-Mas Pack with 30 FX and Work Parts for free. Get it here

When you’re preparing your station’s Christmas imaging it’s nice to have some neutral X-Mas FX in your imaging arsenal. FX that reflect the feeling of Christmas and the Holiday season and that fit anywhere in any mainstream format like CHR, (HOT) AC or Rhythmic. Here’s a totally free special X-Mas FX Pack with 30 FX and Work Parts. From whooshes to sparkles and bells to fly by’s of Santa’s sleigh.

And yes, it’s free and royalty free! Just download it and start producing! No purchase necessary, no strings attached. Just add the free X-Mas pack to your shopping cart and check-out. There will be no charges.

Visit the page here to get the package

Chill, Cool Production Music for Hot AC and AC

Use the links here to get the tracks (Track 1) (Track 2) (Track 3) (Track 4) (Track 5)

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Production music on Social Media

The music in the stories of Instagram has the potential to be a new and powerful channel of discovery for songs and artists, although for now it is not a real streaming service to play the songs.

Instagram added that the “Music in Stories” function will be available in some “selected” countries starting today, with a global launch scheduled for “the short future”. The Instagram spokesperson said the service will be launched in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For Instagram, today’s launch is the first result of Facebook’s licensing offerings, including those with Universal Music in December 2017, Sony Music in January 2018 and Warner Music in March 2018, as well as with the independent companies Merlin, Beggars Group, PIAS and InGrooves. These agreements concerned the use of music in clips uploaded by users on Facebook , but also on Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Oculus VR.

6 Radio Idents to Start Music Sweep, Get 215 Hi-Quality Sound FX

Here are 6 radio idents to help you kickstart a music sweep. Check out the copy below. Link 1

Another Great Way to Listen
Coming Up Lotsa Hits
More Music Gallore
We Play You Listen
More Sounds on Your Radio
Lets Start This Music Marathon

PMSFX has released 215 free, high quality SFX (.wav) for producers to use in their next project (2.2 GB of SFX). The pack includes Cinematic, Sci-Fi, Horror, Foley, and Field Recordings ranging from 48-192 khz 24-bit sampling.

All royalty-free and free for commercial use

Visit the link here to get the library

Producers these days have also found greener pastures in providing audio and sound design for game development. Retro Revolution: here comes the second game from the POCO Game Developer Academy. POCO, born of Xiaomi , seems to be following a particularly rich line of contents. After holding the bench with Xiaomi Pocophone F1 , the best buy for quality price of 2018, the company extended its range of action in the tech field and did it with the Game Development Academy .

The game development academy presented its second title: Retro Revolution which follows Fantasy Glider , the first game produced.

While Fantasy Glider is a simple tap game, there is still no particular information on Retro Revolution, but one thing we can imagine: the game will stimulate the imagination of 8-bit nostalgics. POCO’s initiative in this sense is commendable: in fact, the company has worked to bring together a team of developers who will be cited personally when the game is launched. Retro Revolution will be available soon on Google Play and Mi Apps.

Epic Production Music Track

Very dramatic, cinematic, you can use this for those serious toned productions or as a parody for a spot, get the music track here.

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10 Places to Get Royalty Free Music

Let’s face it, it’s really annoying to have a great video project, but to know to have to tribulate to look for some original and beautiful royalty free music that does not violate any copyright law , especially knowing that most of the time you’ll have to compromise editing, or be satisfied with a soundtrack not really “bright”.

And so on there to search on Google “Free music sites” or “Where to download royalty free music”, coming very likely to a slew of fictitious results of sites that in reality or are not really free, or have soundtracks that hardly you will insert in your videos.

After all, there is nothing more frustrating than working hard on a movie, only to end up with the usual result, namely that YouTube blocks it because of a copyright infringement on music (we all know very well this feeling).

So do not panic and make a definitive list of the best online platforms where you can find royalty free music perfect for your video content. Here is a list of ten fantastic sites where you can find, download and use royalty-free music for your movies to share online.

  1. Incompetech
    If you want to start your search with the right foot, the advice is to start from Incompetech , site created by the composer Kevin MacLeod with many tracks, starting from the horror soundtracks, rock, pop and even the polka, all divided strictly for gender and atmosphere. MacLeod only asks for a credit in the video, a more than legitimate compromise.
  2. DanoSongs
    Do you know Dan-O, a composer who offers his original songs for free download on ? The royalty free music can be used free of charge in your videos, provided that in this case you also provide the link to your website or credit it in your work .
  3. Moby Free
    Instead who does not know Moby? Yes, just him, the American musician and singer, author of the famous album Play . Well! If you want to use the music of this well-known artist for free, the right site for you is Moby Gratis . In the music is free, provided that your video project is non-profit and not for commercial purposes.
  4. Free Soundtrack Music ! It would be enough to translate the name of this site to understand what it offers . Muscia royalty free to use in movies, YouTube videos, games or other multimedia productions. In this case, to be completely honest, part of the music on the site is paid. However, many of these tracks are free and can be easily downloaded and used in your projects.
  5. ccMixter
    ccMixter more than a music site is a community where you can find many tracks that fall under the Creative Commons license . The site allows you to listen to music, create mashups and more. Please note that some Creative Commons licenses may require credit within your video.
  6. Partners in Rhyme
    In Partners In Rhyme you will find music loops, sound effects, midi files and much more. Again, watch out for cases where the music on Partners In Rhyme is paid, but having said that, they have a satisfying selection of music loops and complete tracks available for free download.
  7. PacDV
    Even PacDV offers a solution similar to that described previously: that free music and sound effects for all your multimedia works such as video and audio, in exchange for mention and visibility ricollegandoti to their site or listing them in the credits.
  8. Public Domain 4U
    Public Domain 4U is a great site to find digital audio content that no longer enjoy the intellectual property rights associated with them , either because they have expired or because they have been lost. Music, videos and other content in the public domain can be used in any way, for example by inserting them in the videos you want to share online.

Much of the music is “dated” (the music of the early 1900s is now in the public domain if the copyright has never been renewed), but there are also more modern tracks that are free and with the permission of the artist.

  1. Musopen
    Musopen , like Public Domain 4U, provides music with expired copyright. On the site page they say, “We provide free recordings, sheet music and textbooks to the public, without copyright restrictions.” In short, our mission is to free music . ” Quite clear, no ?! In Musopen you can search for music by composer, performer, instrument or period. And it’s great, especially if you’re looking for classical music.
  2. Beatpick
    As they say in the homeland of the Union Jack, ” And last but not least ” Beatpick , which features a large selection of licensed music that can be used for free if you are editing a non-commercial or non-profit video. When you have chosen the song you want to use, click on “License Song” and select “Non Commercial projects” , and easy-peasy lemon squeezy , that’s it.

6 Radio IDs to Use for Your Station (Love The Radio Love The Music)

Radio imaging should be conversational, not the typical over the top in your face approach. Get these radio IDs you can use for your station. Here’s the copy: You Bet We Got The Hits
No Commercials More Fun
Its The Station To Listen To
Got More Music Now
Its More Than Just Awesome
Love The Radio Love The Music

Get the imaging files here

Get the imagine files link 2 here

Radio Baikal arrives in Liguria

Radio Baikal is a Russian-language broadcaster, present with an office in Nice on Place Massena 1.

According to what is stated on the page , it is diffused in the locality of the French Riviera in FM on 97.1 MHz, after modulating previously on other frequencies.

Radio Baikal is now connected in Italy, in some parts of the Western Liguria.

It can be heard in Sanremo and Ospedaletti on 101.6 and in Bordighera and Vallcrosia on 97.1 MHz.

The frequencies spread the signal of Radio Vallebelbo National Sanremo that remains present on the 91.5 MHz in Ventimiglia.

Your Station Get 6 Radio Idents and 16,000 Sound FX for free

6 Radio Idents for your station. Format generic, contemporary. With SFX provided by StickyFX. Get amazing imaging FX libraries

You Got The Station
Music That Really Fits
Hang On More Music Up Next
This Station is Your Station
Need We Say More
Gotta Love This Radio

Get the file here link 1
Get the file here link 2


16,000 Sound Effects Now Available To Use

The BBC has decided to give everyone a nice gift: its archive of over 16,000 sound effects is now available for free download here .

From the BBC Sound Effects site you can download the effects in WAV format for free, under the terms of the RemArc license , which allows you to use them “for personal, educational and research purposes” .

Rummaging through the samples, you can really find everything: disturbing talking dolls, gunshots, a man’s steps on a wooden ladder and still a woman snoring, strong wind and torrential rain. The database is easily accessible, with tags and search through a single word, and covers almost the entire life of the BBC, with effects from the 1920s onwards.

For all fans looking for unusual champions, in addition to the immense collection of BBC Sound Effects, you can find something very interesting even in the SoundCloud of NASA, full of high-definition space sounds for free download.

Turn It Up Music for Audio Production

Get this free track now EDM, fast, upbeat, energy infused. Use the page here

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What’s Up With Music Licenses on Facebook Going Head to Head with Spotify and YouTube

After months and months spent playing on the streets in London, after having conquered his fans one by one, after covering almost all the songs on the radio, here he hears his big moment: an email from Warner Music , but not is a record contract, but a warning for copyright infringement, at the same time was banned by Facebook, with the promise that if it will violate the copyright again erase its page forever.

Although differently from his expectations, it was certainly his highest moment of popularity on the net. All this thanks to a 15-second video uploaded on Facebook where he runs Castle on the Hill . Why all this fury?

In reality it is not a real fury, but a rethinking towards a too loose attitude towards those who make covers, especially on a platform (Facebook) that does not provide, to date, any form of monetization or distribution of copyright .

If I publish a track published, I go to exploit the work of someone else’s ingenuity that must necessarily be rewarded: I can do it on YouTube, where the system provides revenue sharing (percentage of video advertising revenue + 2 euro paid by Siae / Soundreef every 10 thousand views) and of course on the Digital Service Provider (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer), but not on Facebook.

Charlotte Campbell, in its own way, has been a watershed because from that moment work began to ensure the Zuckerberg creature the necessary licenses to host music edited without risking sanctions from the recording industry.

The first step was to establish a dedicated office in Menlo Park called Music Business Development & Partnerships, run by Tamara Hrivnak – a past in Warner and Google where he played a similar role.

Facebook is seeking agreements with majors and independents in order to legally host songs and covers made by their users. However, it has not yet released official news regarding the type of monetization offered.

Surely it will be a program similar to that used by the YouTube competitor : pre-roll advertising and on-screen banners, but we must surely expect some news or innovation. Also because Zuckerberg has repeatedly admitted to want to focus on video not only from the point of view of user-user experience, but also to turn them into advertising space, such as direct reports that could be interrupted by real commercials.

To date, the Music Business Development & Partnerships office has entered into agreements with the three majors : Universal in December 2017, Sony in January and lastly the Warner, where they admit they are proud of having established a “holistic partnership that will cover both the music is the editions, in order to offer the user a social experience such as videos and messages “. Even the most interesting comment is released by the head of the Global Digital Strategy of the major. “The Facebook team is creating an incredibly innovative product”, a small anticipation that, however, simply increases the expectations of social music geeks.

With the majors on board, Facebook can already start making the first tests. However, he still lacks a large part of the market, the one represented by independent labels . These have a remarkable value that in 2017 stood at 4.8 billion dollars. To these we must add the “small change” made by self-production, 472 million dollars. But in Menlo Park they already have an agreement with Merlin that represents over 20 thousand labels, or 12% of the total market.

Then there is the technical aspect: how will it be possible to check what the over 2 billion users do on Facebook with the songs published? And how do you recognize them to reward those entitled?

YouTube, for example, uses audio fingerprints, a super-compressed format that delivers digital distributors. Once the mini file is received, a bot scans the videos uploaded daily looking for and matching the monetization program with the right holders.

Facebook could do the same, entering so heavily in the video streaming market, and – why not? – even in the audio one, actually going to harm the dominant positions of YouTube and Spotify .

But let’s not forget Cambridge Analytica and the fact that Facebook is not the best safe where to place our data. The scandal did not affect behavior. According to a survey conducted by Reuters / Ipsos between April 26th and 30th, only 1% of the interviewed users canceled their account. 4% instead stopped using the social network. However, the interesting figure is 26% which has increased its virtual activity, accompanied by 49% who have not changed their habits.

Facebook will have to convince the industry and musicians to be able to manage their data and produce reports. Above all, you should not use the fair use alibi to not pay the owners of the work fairly.

Charlotte Campbell will therefore be able to use Facebook serenely to promote her musical career, without the fear of losing her own page and years of work. He will have to wait for the Silicon Valley developers to produce this tool as quickly as possible, before the market finds new behaviors.

Get 52 Radio Production Elements, 20+ Ident Sounds

Get these 50 plus radio production elements such as voice over, station liners, idents, countdown numbers and more. And almost 30 signature sounds and ID elements. The audio are provided free with licensing info. Listen to all the sounds using the link 1 and 2.

Preview of some of their sounds in their library

These elements are made available via ZapSplat an online service for sound effects and sound design. Companies like ZapSplat have embraced digital platform for distributing content. Among other companies that have chosen this route is Sound Ideas, which have chosen to make their libraries available on Spotify.

You can listen to their playlist here

Related news about Spotify. Spotify advertisements become interactive. The free version of Spotify will allow you to interact with advertisements through voice commands: the test of functionality at the start in the USA.

Immediately after announcing the achievement of 100 million subscribers , Spotify focuses attention on those 117 million users who instead rely monthly on the free version of the service, accepting to listen to the reproduction of advertisements between tracks: l advertising becomes interactive, with the introduction of support for voice commands .

The feature is currently being tested for a small circle of US subscribers (only if support for voice commands has been activated in the Android or iOS apps) and, at least initially, all you can do is start playing a playlist or podcast within the platform. Below is an example, with the advertising that suggests the streaming listening of the Stay Free podcast: The Story of the Clash of the Spotify Original series, intended for those who want to know the career of Joe Strummer’s band.

As you can see, a microphone icon appears at the bottom of the screen. The advertisement leaves the user a few seconds to respond and if the latter pronounces the “Play now” command it starts listening to the sponsored content . Otherwise, in case of silence or other words, a notification sound is played and the microphone is deactivated. Users still have a way to customize the behavior of the feature in the application settings.

The will seems to be to allocate a similar form of advertising not only to smartphones, but also to all those devices that integrate a virtual assistant , from smart speakers to smart displays with Alexa or Google Assistant. In this way, Spotify can aim to further expand its range of action, monetizing the provision of the service to those who do not wish to subscribe to a Premium account but want to listen to the tracks in streaming by accepting in exchange for being the recipients of the advertisements.

Among the other features put in place by the platform also the customization of editorial playlists by ad hoc IA algorithms designed to meet the tastes of everyone. It is through initiatives of this type that the group aims to keep its leadership in the sector built so far, keeping at a distance a competition that has no intention of watching.

Get This Urban Audio Library Free (Beats, Loops, FX, Alarms, Sirens)

Makers like TM88, Southside, Lex Luger are notable figures in the Hip Hop production world.

Every one of them, alongside the remainder of the 808 Mafia group, have delivered for heavyweight rappers like Gucci Mane, Future, Drake, and MANY more.

So propelled by the 808 Mafia group and the mind blowing work they’ve done, the team made the “808 Mob” Hip Hop Sample Pack: a critical accumulation of drums, song loops, 808s, MIDI documents, and Serum presets that will take your thumps to a whole new dimension.

You’ll likewise discover commonplace FX and Foley sounds that 808 Mafia makers have been known to use in their best beats -, for example, cautions, alarms, and other one of a kind examples.

This pack is an unquestionable requirement for any Hip Hop audio producerhoping to catch the exceptional, trap sound that 808 Mafia has spearheaded.

Get “808 Mob” Hip Hop Sample pack now while it’s free! Link here


Smile! It’s time to create the hottest productions! Code Jingles propels your sound design to a higher level with an arsenal of 100 sound effects to download for free.

You can get it with a simple click at and use the promo code 100FREESFX at checkout.

The free library includes 25 items from Plastic Surgery I collection, 55 from the Plastic Surgery II collection and 20 from the brand new Code One SFX.

Do like many radios around the world and show your Code, loud and proud.

Share it! Offer ends April 15, 2019. Visit us and like Facebook page

Feel Good EDM Vibe Production Music for Hot AC, CHR

Has that Kyg0 and other tropical EDM producers kinda vibe. Suitable for those spots or productions of Hot AC or CHR formats.

The artist name is Konac and you get the track using the page here.

May require permission from the creator for monetization. For non commercial usage only. Great for concept productions or personal radio stations.

Get These Hi-impact SFX for Radio Production

One of the most gifted sound designers of this generation, Bryan Apple has recently shared another set of downloadable Imaging FX for radio production.

Listen and get the files by using the SoundCloud link here

Instructions on how to get the file:
1.) Open the link here
2.) Then go to the More … menu
3.) Then open the Download File link

About Bryan Apple – Bryan is currently the Director of Creative Imaging for SiriusXM and has created custom sound designs for games like GTA, post sound design for artists like EMINEM and award winning productions for media companies like Clear Channel (now iHeartMedia), Capital of Media, Universal Music Group and Pandora.

Hear all of Bryan master pieces at

Electronic Production Music for CHR, Urban, Hot AC

Get this EDM flavored production music perfect for Pop Music formats.

Has that street vibe too so you can use for Urban productions or use it for Hot AC formats. The category to be specific is Glitch Hop.

Very upbeat, comes with a feel good sound. The artist is called Nanqo. The track is copyright free, but may require permission from artist for licensing. For Non commercial usage only.

Get the track here

7 Production Music Positive Instrumental CHR, Hot AC, AC, Classic Hits

A production music for audio production. Pop, positive, great for promos, spots, or for live talkover. Fit for CHR, Hot AC, AC formats.

Also a terrific music bed for summer productions.

The theme also has an optimistic vibe into it so can also be appropriate for motivational or even faith based radio formats.

Music feel sounds like the songs of Kyg0 and Sel3na G0mez.

1.) How to get the production music track, open this page here

2.) Sweet uplifting, romcom feel music background, open this page here

3.) Powerful motivational look up to the sky tomorrow is gonna be ok feel, open this page here

4.) Great for auto commercials, classic rock or classic hits, alternative, edgy, open this page here

5.) Here is a laid back looking forward corporate soft AC or HOT AC music bed, open this page here

6.) Another pop chick flic romcom kindof music bed that perfect for Christmas or holidays, open this page here

7.) Spring or summer or for Valentines, this is just feel good soft AC audio production bed, open this page here

These are for non commercial usage only

11 Energy Driven, Power Infused Production Music

Guitar riffs, high impact, a powerful musical underscore perfect for opening a show like a talk or sports podcast, get it here

Upbeat, forward thinking music bed, you want it talk over it, or just wanna play as it alone, that is how good this is, open the track here

Think of a radio show or podcast with hard talk, sports or great for technology kind of audio production, start producing the file here

Very pulsy, edgy, powerful, think of CHR, alternative, Classic Hits or Rock formats, use the track here

A breath of fresh air from the riffs, this is tropical lite house vibe, suitable for topical summer kind of audio productions, use the track here

More production music number 1Get Here
More production music number 2Get Here
More production music number 3Get Here
More production music number 4Get Here
More production music number 5Get Here
More production music number 6Get Here

These are for non commercial purposes or usage only.

The Artist Library Every CHR Producer Needs

Brand new to AudioSweets ASX, comes ‘Artist Series‘. 

The all new download pack full of killer artist drops! 

No filler artists here, just the biggest names of today for you to use in your radio imaging and production!

The pack includes 40 of the biggest artists in pop music!

This download includes the following:

Anne Marie, Ariana Grande, Ava Max, Calvin Harris, Charlie Puth, David Guetta, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, George Ezra, Halsey, James Arthur, Jax Jones, Jess Glynne, Jonas Blue, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Little Mix, Major Lazer, Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Olly Murs, Pink, Pitbull, Post Malone, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Sean Paul, Sigala, Sigrid, Snoop Dogg, The Chainsmokers, Tinie Tempah, Zara Larsson and Zedd!

Get the new package here

Audio Music Bed for Urban, HipHop, Rhythmic Radio Production

Chic, urban, street vibe, this is great for radio spots that are catered to hiphop or rhythmic formats.

Useful for spots that are geared towards fashion, websites, social media, tech review, home or household products, even corporate presentations.

It has got that vibe from artists like J4yz, Nlcki Minaj, J C0le, Futur3, Mlgos and even Bey0nce.

For non commercial usage only

More Than 15 Free High Impacts and Drops FX for Audio Production

Get these 30 high quality impacts and drops sound effects for your production.

These are custom sound designed and original impact SFX great for accentuating your radio sweepers or to punctuate a promo.

Works perfect also with your music mixes and all other audio candies you are creating.

These are made by

Copy paste the link below to your browser’s address bar to get this package for free

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Over 40 Free Imaging FX Wipes, Impacts and Woosh

Get these free radio imaging and production SFX by Christian Troitzsch a Radio Imaging Producer.

Visit his website and listen to more of his creations at

Need to upgrade your station’s sound, get Christian to image and producer for your station.

Also follow him on SoundCloud visit

To download the free FX just use the link below

And click the download button

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Download the Ultimate AC and Hot AC branding tool Glide 4 @StickyFX

Are you doing imaging for an AC or Hot AC station? Then you probably recognize this situation where you’re losing lots of valuable time looking for the right FX or work part? Especially if you’re doing production for a hybrid format where News and Talk are combined with AC music, the tone of voice of your imaging is elementary.

You don’t want the harsh and in your face CHR sound but you do want your station to sound contemporary, but in a stylish adult way. That’s why we at Sticky FX carefully crafted a library that instantly gives you the perfect element for your production.

Fourth library

Glide is already for seven years, the absolute standard in AC and Hot AC FX and work parts and this is the fourth library in the Glide series. A huge library with a fresh, contemporary and smooth sound. Exactly how you want your station to sound.

Glide 4 has over 600 brand new FX & work parts. All elements are specially designed for AC and Hot AC Radio and categorized, so you save time and immediately get the right sound for your production!

A wide range

The library comes with lots of whooshes in all styles, velocities and intensities. Give your imaging more speed with the Risers. It features a wide range of Impacts from soft and smooth to punchy and big. Beautiful Musical elements like melodic Starters, Stagers, Logo’s and FX. When you need that subtle ‘less is more’ sound and want to make your imaging sound really delicate, use the Glitches. Create forward movement in a subtle way with the Fly Ins. Accentuate or create a great end of your production with the Hits. Glide 4 has them from big to small and fast to slow. There’s the Starters to create great ‘back to music’ ID’s or start of your promo’s with.

Seamless transitions

An incredible amount of Whoosh hits gives you the ability to create seamless transitions between all your programming elements. Beeps & breakers that can be spliced in anywhere you need. Glide 4 has lots of Pads in all kinds of moods and intensities for your presenters to talk over or use them in your promo’s to create a smooth ambience. The Combos combine all the strengths of all the FX in Glide 4. When you want to create smooth and swift transitions, use the Wipes. And then of course this library has some great Beds to talk over or use them for the right sound in your promo’s.

The perfect feel and flow

Create that modern and adult sound you’re looking for. Glide 4 gives your imaging the perfect feel and flow. And every element fits in seamlessly. Glide 4 is the ultimate audio branding tool for AC and Hot AC formats.
Glide 4 is also available in a friendly priced bundle containing Glide 1 to 4.

Get Glide 4 now for your station at! Now with a 50 Euro introduction discount, for 349 EURO instead of 399 EURO (limited time offer)

Checkout the audio demo at:

Or simply download it immediately at:

Get This DNB Drum N Bass Pack

To imaging producers who do radio productions for DNB Online Stations or just about any format, this DNB Sample Pack really helps.

Now, owners of DNB stations are very picky when it comes to the sound of their radio imaging.

Most producers think dance stations are the same, there is a big difference between breakbeats and DNB, so you have to be careful which elements you use when producers spots for DNB stations.

For a Dance oriented station, these drum n bass audio elements can be used too to underscore promos.

Or use it as a talkover loop.

Big thanks to the team at Antidote for this amazing free package.

To get this pack, use the link below

6 Radio Sweepers Nonstop Music

So there is a joke about radio station IDs and the irony that they remind listeners how they play nonstop music while “essentially” interrupting their listening with a voiceover.

But that is the point of station identification, you have got to grab the listener’s attention because you need to tell them something.

Sweepers are effective at this as they can be segued in between songs.

So the river flow of music isn’t interrupted, but you get to see a ferry passing by with a big sign that says “you are listening to nonstop music”.

In a world of relatively short listener attention spans you have got to do it quick but at the same time delivery the message home.

Here are some quick sweeps for you.

We dont stop the music

Continous hit music

Nonstop and back to back

Free flowing hit music marathon

Going full throttle with nonstop hits

One hit after another

Imaging FX provided by Omega Productions, download the latest and the hottest Imaging FX using the link below

Link 1

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