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10 Nationwide Radio Stations in the Netherlands Unite for Ukraine

10 stations, 1 day, 1 cause: helping Ukraine and its people. In a massive simulcast  fundraiser on March 7th across all major radio stations in the Netherlands.  

Dutch public broadcasters NPO 3FM, NPO Radio 2 and NPO Radio 5, and privately owned 100%NL, Qmusic, Radio 10, Radio 538, Radio Veronica, SLAM! and Sublime,  are simulcasting for one day as ‘Radio 555’ with a joint network program. The station  is named after the bank account number of the united help organisations, including  Unicef and the Red Cross. Listeners can request a song in exchange for a donation  at  

1 sound for 10 audiences  

Simulcasting across 10 stations, a universal sound was needed. Sublime PD Rick  Waltmann coordinates the audio branding for Radio555 and speaks about a creative  challenge. “Each station normally has its own target demo and music format; varying  from CHR to Oldies. Together we want to set the right tone, and appeal to as many  people as possible. I asked PURE Jingles if they could support our cause. Within  days, a complete package was created in which our wishes were incorporated.”  

5 x 5 x 5 jingles  

The Radio555 package symbolically consists of 5 jingle themes, each delivered in  (over) 5 versions, as well as 5 beds & drones. News, weather & traffic imaging and  sweepers are included as well. Radio555 broadcasts on FM, DAB+ and online all day.  Their jingle package continues to be heard on the page.

Sky Radio works with PURE Jingles for new Power Intros

The number 1 non-stop music station is Sky Radio in the Netherlands. They have  commissioned PURE Jingles to create playlist-updated Power Intros (branded  songs), which are produced in collaboration with the station’s imaging team.  

Uunco Cerfontaine, Radio Director Sky Radio: “Music is what it’s all about at Sky.  Apart from news, weather & traffic, you will not hear any presenters, but 24/7 non stop music. It is therefore extra important that we create an optimal music flow with  which we help our listeners through their busy day. Power Intros are an essential part  of this, melding a jingle and a song into one beautiful piece.”  

Time Spent Listening.  

“Studies show that sung audio logos have a major effect on the recall of a brand or  slogan and on the behaviour of a listener or consumer,” adds Thomas Giger of PURE  Jingles. “Power Intros connect a radio brand with songs that are popular within their  target audience. One would also want to prevent interruptions of a non-stop music  sweep, and maintain a forward momentum instead. In this context, along with short  jingles, Power Intros are conducive here to a longer TSL and higher market share.”  

The creation of each Power Intro is an intensive creative process for which the PURE  Jingles team often collaborates with Sjoerd Konijn and Arjan van Lierop of Sky Radio.  Sjoerd Konijn: “Very cool and inspiring to brainstorm together and to be present at  the monthly vocal sessions.” Arjan van Lierop adds: “It leads to surprising, striking  productions, and every intro adds power to our brand.”  

PURE Jingles and Sky Radio have been working together since January 2022. The  ‘Sky Intros’ can be heard via 101 FM, DAB+,, the Sky App, and in the  PURE Jingles showcase at

OnlyHit Radio USA CHR Jingles 2022 from Floyd Media – 3-note branding for next-level radio!

CHR Jingles package created to go perfectly with current hottest hits on USA’s OnlyHit station.

This package contains custom ear-catchy melodic vocals and the attitude to go anywhere in the playlist – even as seamless transitions between different genres.

Full length talk-up Ramps, Basic ID’s, Shotguns, Hyper ID’s, mixouts, workparts… everything 24/7 contemporary radio needs has been covered.

“They all sound amazing! We are really happy and proud to have worked and trusted you with this! These jingles sound way better than we expected :)”– Vince Durousseau, programme manager, OnlyHit Radio –

This package is available for re-sing and customization in other languages with your station’s name, slogan and sonic logo.

Visit today!

Listen to the demo:

TRIL: introducing a new production service for AC & Modern AC

Introducing TRIL for AC & Modern AC, the next step in the company’s voluminous and and ever-growing radio imaging library.

“From the beginning of TRIL in 2013, it has always been about not dropping as much audio as possible, but the highest quality audio. No assembly line productions with us. Great to see that more than 100 Hot AC & CHR formatted stations worldwide have TRIL on air. Now we’ve added AC & Modern AC too” says creative director Anthony Timmers.

“We also introduced a new category: the multi-deployable Artist Claimers, with these production elements the biggest artists of your playlist become even more part of your radio station.”

TRIL is created for radio imaging producers that can use some help in their production scheme. Started as an FX library, it has grown into a continuously updated imaging library for CHR/Hot AC formats and as of today: AC/Modern AC.

TRIL is as diverse as today’s pop playlists and has everything you need in radio imaging. Music intensive power-packed and updated constantly: branded intros, sweepers, artist claimers, top of hours, out of breaks, workparts, promoters, drops, next generation FX, drones and more!

TRIL can be heard on major brands from Canada to the Fiji Islands on stations such as Virgin Radio, NRJ, Radio 538, CHUM FM and TOPradio.

Get your test drive today via:, Orbyt Media and Radio Express.

Listen to the demo here: