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Sticky FX Launches “Power Breakers” 200 FX: Blockers, Starters, Switchers, Stoppers

Feel like breaking up stuff? Here’s the imaging library that does just that!

We know that working as an imaging producer sometimes can be tough and frustrating. When deadlines creep up, finding the right FX and work parts can get you to the point you want to break up everything. Now there’s a library that helps you with just that! Power Breakers contains 200 imaging elements that will make your job as an imaging director so much easier.

Break up your production or reassemble elements with really all kinds of Breakers. Including 50 Blockers for when you want a brutal switch to another scene and check out the 15 Starters to give your production some extra speed to start off with. Subtly accentuate parts of the message in your imaging with the 50 Switchers or slam it right into the listeners ears with the 30 Blasts. Need to end or wind down whatever you’re producing? Use one the 30 Stoppers in all styles and intensities.

When you want to add some extra drama and epic starts to your production, just line up one of the 25 bonus Launchers that will give your radio-, tv- or podcast show a flying start. Whatever you feel like breaking up! Power Breakers does the job! 

Checkout the audio demo at: get it now with 20 euro introduction discount for a limited time at:

PURE Jingles Delivered A Grand SLAM! Package 

Grand SLAM! with PURE Jingles

One of the Netherlands’ forward-paced radio stations is SLAM! It has a fresh sound that will become the new benchmark for rhythmic CHR.

The SLAM’s radio director is Martijn Zuurveen.

“We have recently presented a new schedule and an upgraded brand story. Imaging is a key part of that, and extremely important for any station as it co-creates your brand identity. .

SLAM! was looking for on air sound that suits its Pop & Dance format, which is primarily geared at male listeners between the ages of 20 and 40. 

“PURE Jingles has delivered a jingle package that fits perfectly with our energetic music mix, because at SLAM! the rhythm never stops”, says Raoul Schram, the content coordinator.  “After an intensive collaboration of several months, we came up with a renewed audio logo and rock-solid vocals.” 

Positive energy 

In addition, Martijn Zuurveen says: “SLAM! stands for positive energy and you can hear and feel that in our audio branding. It’s completely in line with this time and with the taste of our target audience. The sound design can also be perfectly combined with our SLAM! promotions, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event and our Formula 1 Month.” 

The custom-made jingle package of SLAM! consists of 10 main themes and a red-hot Top of Hour. A full demo can be heard at Over the last months, PURE also created the imaging for RadioCorp’s two other stations; Dutch-AC format 100% NL, and Soft AC brand Sunlite. 

Radio’s Key Impact During Economic Crisis

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, radio had a pivotal role in assisting with the inflation crisis. At the time, FM radio was increasing in popularity and demand for music led to record companies inflating the prices of their catalog. This lack of price competition caused the price of albums to increase sharply. In response, consumers turned to radio stations to listen to music for free instead. By doing so, they deprived record labels of sales but saved them money in the long run. As the price increases continued, the popularity of listening to free music on FM stations increased as well.

The popularity of radio grew in the mid-1980s as cassette tape players became more popular. Music lovers began taping their favorite songs from the FM airwaves so that they didn’t have to pay full price for them later. This trend eventually put many major record companies out of business. Radio played an important role during this era as it helped to sustain demand for music when record companies couldn’t compete with each other to provide competitive pricing for their albums.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a severe inflation crisis that crippled the US economy and caused the unemployment rate to rise to over 10%. During this time, record companies were struggling to compete with each other and control the price of their products. In order to boost sales, some companies began selling pre-recorded cassettes of some of their older albums at reduced prices. These tapes were sold at a lower price than the regular album and allowed customers to listen to the music without buying the entire CD. As the price of CDs continued to increase, this and other price-cutting tactics used by record companies helped lead to the demise of several well-known labels in the 1990s. According to the Wall Street Journal, “By the late 1980s, 80 percent of US households owned a CD player.” By the early 1990s, the sales of CDs surpassed those of vinyl records for the first time in history.


Christian Science Monitor
Economic woes raise fear of 1970s rerun –

In the 1960s and 70s, the most popular music listening device was the record player, which was primarily used for playing vinyl records. Because these devices could not be played outside the home or in cars, it was generally considered to be a device only used for listening to audio recordings. However, as consumers became more concerned about audio quality and convenience, the popularity of vinyl began to decline. By the early 1980s, record players had fallen out of favor with consumers and many were starting to switch over to compact discs instead. Some experts estimate that there were as many as 60 million record players still in use in the US at the time.

Today, the rise of digital music streaming has relegated the role of radio to that of background music while people work or do other chores around the house. As a result, some radio stations have shut down and others have been forced to change their format in order to compete more effectively with the growing number of online streaming services available today. In the future, it is likely that some radio stations will continue to thrive while others will not as they adapt to the changing market. But if anything, the health emergency in the last 2 years and the worsening climate disturbances have made people realized that radio is still king when it comes to emergency.


Pew Research Center
Online audio listenership | Pew Research Center

Influential Imaging Director and WLTW Morning Show Host are guests on new “Chachi Loves Everybody” Podcast

Two new episodes of “Chachi Loves Everybody,” a unique podcast produced by Benztown and featuring Benztown President and audio brand builder Dave “Chachi” Denes, have been made accessible as of today, according to Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, and jingles. The new episodes contain Chachi’s recent conversations from Benztown’s Los Angeles studios with Christine Nagy, Co-Host of “Cubby and Christine Mornings” on 106.7 LITE FM/WLTW in New York City, and Jake Kaplan, Director of Imaging and Sound Design, Audacy, Inc.

Visit to listen to the most recent episodes of the podcast.

In “Chachi Loves Everybody,” Denes, also known as “Chachi,” sits down for open dialogue with radio’s icons, master brand builders, rising creators, and innovators in the developing audio arena, sharing the real tales behind their experiences.

In Jake Kaplan’s podcast episode, Jake tells Chachi how he progressed from taking calls at a nearby Seattle studio to being one of the most important sound designers in the field today. Additionally, he talks about working with Kevin Weatherly, Dave Richards, and Lisa Worden, moving to Los Angeles on a whim to work at renowned radio stations like KROQ, JACK-FM, and 97.1 AMP Radio, and what it was like to run the backstage operations for the first radio festival events.

Christine Nagy talks candidly about what it was like to watch 9/11 live from New York City’s Z100 morning show during Chachi’s interview with Christine Nagy. She also discusses how working with Martha Stewart on Sirius XM manifested, how her relationship with the famous Paul “Cubby” Bryant helped define her on-air style, and her impending acting endeavors with Chachi.

Available now on Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms is “Chachi Loves Everybody.”

AudioSweets ASX FX Vol 7: 320 new custom sound design elements by and for Imaging Producers

The latest in the ASX FX collection has landed and this is the biggest so far – this is FX Vol. 7

Full of over 320 new custom sound design elements ideal for promos, branded intros and sweepers that allow your production to stand up and stand out!

Over 320 elements separated into individual elements and set pieces. Get it here

ASX from AudioSweets offers affordable buyout radio imaging elements. Used by thousands of independent producers and production companies, along with radio stations of all sizes across the world; download beds, artist drops and sound design, music imagers, power intros and workparts – ASX gives every station the opportunity to have great sounding imaging.

New 2022 Jingle Package for Omroep Flevoland by Sonic Spring

Sonic Spring announced the launch of the 2022 Omroep Flevoland jingle package.

Here’s a selection of cuts Sonic Spring made for Full Service Hot-AC station Omroep Flevoland in The Netherlands. This is an extensive package with sung and logo based ID’s and beds in many variations.

Omroep Flevoland has an extensive jingle past. It all started with the wonderful trumpets from the studios in Dallas United States. In the year 2022, Sonic Spring has made a tailor-made package that suits this time. Modern, cheerful, businesslike. All ingredients of a full service station have been processed. Even the commercial break openers are a joy to listen to’
-Rob Brouwer (Editor Visual Radio)
-Aernout Pleket (Audio designer Omroep Flevoland)

Visit to hear more.

AudioSweets Release ASX Summer 2022 Radio Imaging Collection

ASX Summer – feel the heat and good times with some sun soaked imaging from ASX!

Beds, Sound Design, Shells, Music Imagers & Sweet Intros – all you need for adding some summer vibes to your imaging!

Download, insert your station voiceover, listeners or presenter and mixdown. It’s as simple as that!

Download NOW at

Waterstad FM 2022 Jingles from Pors Impact Creative

Waterstad FM has just launched its on air sound. The non-stop music station from the heart of Friesland is completely refreshed! Waterstad FM has chosen a custom made jingle package. In total, the package comes with 12 basic ID’s and shotguns. In addition, there is design for news, weather traffic and advertising.

Marcel de Vries is very enthusiastic about the result.
“The jingles speak for themselves”

Listen to the full package here:

Free Imaging Producers Webinar: Capital UK Sound Design Head to Speak with Benztown, P1 Media Group

Benztown and P1 Media Group will host a free webinar on Thursday, July 14th, for radio professionals around the globe, entitled “From Imaging Producers to Sound Designers: How Global Radio UK is Reimagining Imaging.” The webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and features one of the top imaging experts in the world, Ashley Bard, Group Head of Brand Sound Design, Global Radio UK. Bard leads the sound design of Capital FM, the UK’s #1 Hit Music Station, plus Capital XTRA and Capital Dance. Bard is also responsible for the implementation of sound and imaging across the wider Global portfolio, including radio stations Heart, Smooth, Radio X and Classic FM.

This is the 23rd in the webinar series from top radio experts from around the world.

The 30-minute webinar will cover topics including:

Why has Global Radio UK rebranded the titles of its Imaging Producers to Sound Designers and why has this been significant to the success of Global’s radio brands?

What’s the role of a Sound Designer today and what should the ideal relationship be between the Program Director and Sound Designer?

How is Sound Design changing and where is it headed?

What skills do Imaging Producers need to become Sound Designers?

How important is writing to the Sound Design process and who’s responsible for it?

Register NOW at:

Upon registering, you will receive a link with webinar information.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Susan Aksu at Benztown at or +1 (818) 842-4600.

Sky Radio’s Power To Higher Top-of-mind Positioning

When you’re aiming to energise your playlist while connecting your brand to top  songs, consider the use of power intros! Sky Radio in the Netherlands has received  another couple of batches of these branded hit songs.

Power intros are memorable

“Power intros are excellent tools to claim your ‘A’ category songs as a part of your  station’s brand”, Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles explains. “Distinctive branded intros  that have been repeated often enough will stick in people’s minds. Chances are they  will associate that great-testing song with you.”

This strategic branding value can also translate into ratings: “Hearing the normal  version of that song, even on another station, listeners who know your power intro  will often hum YOUR station name along the melody of your branded version. It’s one  of those miracles of audio branding! Sung melodies are memorable, research shows.”

Branded intros work everywhere

“In diary-measured, recall-based markets, your station can get extra listening credits  as people may THINK they’ve been listening to you – while it may actually could have  been a competitor. Especially when the other station doesn’t have their own power  intro version or doesn’t precede the song with imaging.”

Branded intros also add value to PPM-market radio: “Power intros are contributing to  higher top-of-mind positioning. And just as important: they’re flow-friendly. Dropping  the imaging on the song, instead of in between two songs, helps to achieve forward  momentum. Short jingle cuts work well too, especially in front of ‘no-intro’ songs.”

Sky Radio’s new power intros

Check out highlights from Q2/’22 at And when  you’re looking for branded intros tailored to your own radio station, you can explore  the monthly-updated ‘PURE Intros’ service at

News Theme 1 2022 Package from presents News Theme 1 2022. 

News Theme 1 contains 6 tracks, produced with a distinctive 5  note logo.

News Theme 1- Main  Bed (03.11)
News Theme 1- Main light Bed (03.10)
News Theme 1- Backsell/ Drone (01.48)
News Theme 1- Sounder 1 (00.21)
News Theme 1- Sounder 2(00.09)
News Theme 1 – Closer( 00.14)

Full package here:

YouTube Video link:

Chérie Belgium Get New Soft AC Package from PURE Jingles

A jingle package to cherish

When you’re programming a Soft AC format and looking for inspiration for its sound,  take a listen to Chérie Belgium! They’ve now put the cherry on the cake with custom  imaging from PURE Jingles.

Part of the Belgian NGroup (Nostalgie, Nostalgie+ and NRJ), Chérie is a digital radio  station launched online in 2015 and on DAB+ in 2019. It’s the cousin of Chérie FM in  France with a specific strategy and positioning for the Belgian radio market.

Chill, smooth and easy-listening, Cherie’s musical programming is tailor-made for  young adults between 25 and 45 who want to slow down the rushy rhythm of their  lives. Reflected in their slogan Chérir la vie en Musique (Cherishing Life in Music).

Brand & format promise

“As a pop-soft format, we aim to conciliate this relaxing feeling to new music trends,  which PURE Jingles has perfectly understood”, brand manager Lydwine Derny says.  “It’s also very important to us that our brand & format promise is being translated  through our imaging. PURE’s sound design is a huge part of our station’s identity.”

“They have worked on the basis of inspirational tracks and made very good creative  propositions. The team knows very well what it’s doing, is always looking forward to  feedback and deals with it fast and easily. We were also invited to attend the vocal  session, which has been a great pleasure. Efficient in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Listen to the complete package here:

$0.00 DAW Plugins That Are So Good 

Venus Theory is one of the leading sound designer and content creators online. His huge following is a testament of his influence, that plugin makers are looking into making their products featured in his content.

This time Venue Theory showcased nine free plugins, so good they shouldn’t be free, but thank heavens they are.

Paulxstretch is so damn good for pads and ambient, can’t get enough of sounds you can make with it only with one sample!

Nikolay Trofimov, Audio Producer

Panflow is so useful! So often I have some kind of FX-type sound that I want to bounce around the stereo field but isn’t worth the effort of scripting an automation. Now I just throw panflow at the end of the FX chain, hit one button to generate a random panning loop and I’m sorted. Massive efficiency dividends.

Eamon Coughlan, Composer and Musician, United Kingdom

Support content creator Venus Theory by subscribing to his content here.

Also, check out Free To Use Sounds, link https://bit.Iy/3klpeTz (save $5 by using the coupon code: venustheory5).

Magic FM 2022 Jingle Package from Pors Impact Creative


Magic FM’s on air sound has been freshened up. Summer has officially started and that includes new summer jingles from Pors Impact Creative.

Nico Silvius, director of Magic FM: ‘With these jingles, we can hear where we are and what we stand for. Not only the station but also the summer of 2022 is MAGIC! ‘.

Click here to listen to Magic FM’s new summer lineup:

Pors Impact Creative’s  2022 Hot AC Jingle Package is both Timeless and Trendy for RADIONL

RADIONL in the Netherlands has been broadcasting quality on air content and music for over 17 years. And being a recipient of the prestigious Gouden RadioRing, audience award for best radio program of the Netherlands, the station extends its commitment to excellence into their jingle imaging.

In 2022, Pors Impact Creative took the challenge of creating an extensive custom jingle package for RADIONL, reflecting their core sound of Dutch music, and multiplatform programming, that reaches out to both adult and young listeners who tune in from across all forms of media: online, cable and FM radio.

Pors Impact Creative delivered a massive 15-theme package, complete with shotgun, ramp and full mixes and includes News, Weather and Traffic IDs.

This feel good package is now available to be resung for stations around the world, be it for the Hot AC format, Classic Hits or for stations that want to stand out.

“RADIONL has a completely new sound.”

“We have worked on a very extensive custom made jingle package . A feel good package with a cool edge.”

“This package is now available for syndication for stations outside of the Netherlands”, says Ellen Pors, Managing Director for Pors Impact Creative.

Listen to the demo and hear the complete package and all the individual cuts at the website: the team and learn how to get this timeless and trendy package for your station.

Benztown, McVay Media Launch Timely Podcast about Recovery with Host Matt Pinfield

Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks announces that it has launched a new podcast today, Sound, Sobriety & Success, hosted by Matt Pinfield, renowned Rock journalist, national television and radio personality, and music executive. The former MTV host – currently heard on hundreds of radio stations across the country as host of Westwood One’s Rock radio show, “Flashback” – has been a fixture in the music scene for three decades and has been on the road to recovery along the way, with a little help from his friends. Vocal about his sobriety journey, Pinfield talks to people from all walks of life who have hit rock bottom and are finding their way back from addiction in this inspiring podcast. Kicking off the Sound, Sobriety & Success podcast are Pinfield’s guests Jeff Jampol, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Shireen Janti, with upcoming episodes to feature Matt Sorum, drummer for Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, and sports agent Leigh Steinberg.

Matt Pinfield, Host of Sound, Sobriety & Success, said: “Living clean and sober is a beautiful gift for those of us who have struggled with addiction. Through this podcast, I am grateful to share the success stories of people in recovery to help others fight and understand their battles with alcoholism and addiction. I want to help people identify similarities in others’ stories to understand how they have successfully made their life changes.” He added: “This podcast is a natural for me, as I have been transparent about my own struggles and journey in recovery and how it has completely changed my life for the better. I think this podcast is a great way to be of service through storytelling – sharing the faith, strength and hope that many of my contemporaries and friends have experienced.”

Pinfield explained: “The success we are speaking to in Sound, Sobriety & Success is not financial, but success in living your life in a manner that moves you forward in a positive direction. It is important that we let people who are struggling know that they can do it and are not alone. Through the experiences of others, they can become their own architects in a new design for life – a life that is about progress, not perfection.”

Dave “Chachi” Denes, Producer and Co-Founder, Benztown + McVay Podcast Networks, commented: “The Sound, Sobriety & Success podcast is all about open and honest discussions about recovery and addiction, and offers raw and unfiltered information and insight, paired with deep empathy, compassion and support to anyone living with addiction and trying to turn their lives around. As producer of Matt’s successful Rock radio show, “Flashback”, nationally syndicated by Westwood One, we are proud to produce this inspiring new podcast that takes listeners on the journey to sobriety and brings light to a topic often cloaked in darkness.”

Listen to the first three episodes of Sound, Sobriety & Success featuring host Matt Pinfield debuting now, with Matt’s special guests Jeff Jampol, Dr. Drew, and Shireen Janti on all major podcast platforms and at: Fans can expect a new episode every other Monday.

Jeff Jampol is a Grammy-winning and Emmy-nominated producer who serves as the CEO of JAM, Inc, managing well-known bands, artists, and their estates. Jampol is also a longtime outspoken advocate on the power of sobriety and has played an important part in Pinfield’s own recovery. They discuss their mutual love for rock music, advice for those who are seeking recovery, and the biggest misconceptions about addiction.  

Dr. Drew Pinsky, known nationally as “Dr. Drew,” has been a ubiquitous fixture both on television and radio for the entirety of his multifaceted career. Passionate about treating addicts and helping them live sober lives, Dr. Drew was a vital part of the team that helped Matt Pinfield with his own recovery. Listen as longtime friends Matt and Dr. Drew delve into the myths and misunderstandings of addiction to erase the stigma behind it and shine a light on realistic paths to recovery. 

Shireen Janti is the Senior Director of Mental Health & Addiction Services at MusiCares and helps to provide mental health and addiction recovery to music professionals. As a former addict who has long been in recovery, Shireen seeks to help others who are struggling and is an advocate for women who are stuck in unsafe or unhealthy situations. Matt speaks with Shireen about their shared love for the entertainment business, music, and giving back to those who are in need.

For more information, contact Susan Aksu, Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks,, 818.842.4600. 

Pors Impact Creative – Radio Jingles with Longevity

Be it CHR, AC, Hot AC or Lite AC, Pors Impact Creative is your dependable partner for powerful branding and imaging. Its growing CHR catalogue of radio jingles, for instance, are now heard in stations around the world.

Mix & Joy is a contemporary hit radio jingle package that covers all the basics and more. From pop, rock, urban to dance, Mix & Joy is an epic package consisting of 17 themes that highlight your station’s identity effectively. It also comes with News, Weather and Traffic.

Today’s CHR and Modern Hot AC formats have more diversified playlists than ever. The Mix & Joy package delivers both versatility and utility. But with ever changing playlist entries, Mix & Joy comes with a sound of longevity, so the jingles never burn out.

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative, made it his lifelong commitment to create professional, outstanding radio jingles for stations around the world.

“At the age of six I started to learn piano and from that time I have been enchanted by the beautiful sounds that came from simply pressing a key or two. In over thirty years as a professional composer, I have created an innovative trail with custom made music. This turned out to Pors Impact Creative. Pors Impact Creative is the ongoing manifestation of my lifelong passion for music”

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative

To hear more, visit and contact the Pors Impact Creative team now

New Jingles for Ekdom in the Morning- Radio 10 Netherlands

For the third time, Sonic Spring created custom made themes for Ekdom in the morning, with Gerard Ekdom at Dutch operated Radio 10.

4 Personality songs and 4 jingle ID’s that are full of energy, fresh, modern, funky, but have a retro old school vibe as well.

Here’s the demo (in Dutch). This package can be syndicated in any language for terrestrial and online radio or podcasts.

Listen here:

SONIC SPRING is a boutique jingle company offering Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. Founded by Maurice Verschuuren, with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders, finally there’s something DIFFERENT on the RADIO. Hear more at

Top Format is Top-of-Mind for Jingles with Radio Stations in Europe

From their state-of-the-art studios and headquarters in Haarlem, The Netherlands, to media devices in Europe and across the world, Top Format’s top notch production works are delivered and heard with just one purpose in mind, designing the finest audio for media companies and for listeners to enjoy.

This dedication for sound design is reflected with their investment in industry standard editing and recording studios, with emphasis on well roundedness and inclusivity as seen in this video of the Top Format Productions Haarlem headquarters launched during RadioDays 2022 in Malmö Sweden.

The new Hot AC jingles for the Norwegian chain of radio stations, Lokalradioene, are now on the air.

In all Norwegian regions, this packages completes the music format and strong audio branding for Lokalradioene, in a tailored sound: completely made in house at Top Format.

In Norway, also new on national P3, is the customized audio imaging for the radio show Golden Power Hour.

And the new custom package for the biggest Regional radio station Omrop Fryslân, is also playing on air. This custom made jingle package contains over 20 main cuts.

When it comes to jingles, even commercials and custom sound-design, get on board the Top Format dream team, hear more at

Timeless And Modern: PURE Jingles Delivered RTL 2 – Pop-Rock AC sound of 2022

RTL 2 unveils the Pop-Rock AC sound of 2022

I Love Rock ’n’ Roll! One of the songs expressing exactly what RTL 2 stands for: the  best Pop-Rock of yesterday & today. They just received another batch of jingles to fit  the core of the format while reinforcing a modern image.

PURE’s client relation manager Thomas Giger explains: “Playing the greatest hits of  all time means that the overall music composition on the station is largely constant.  Our goal is to surround these timeless classics with a sound that naturally fits the  music played, but which at the same time keeps the radio station in the present. A  contemporary sound creates a timeless brand – just like the music it features.”


The general rules of radio programming apply to any radio format, so also to Pop Rock AC: “Flow remains to be a key element to achieve long Time Spent Listening,  which helps maintain a strong market share. Transitioning from song to song, every  segue needs to be flawless. That’s why also this update covers several transitions in  tempo and/or intensity. It gives the presenters more tools to work with.”


RTL 2’s production director and assistant program director, Christian Reynaud, adds:  “We work since almost 10 years now with the dedicated team of PURE Jingles. Since  we began, it’s been a constant evolution of the RTL 2 colour and spirit. A wonderful  co-creation. Every year, a new adventure. Always exciting, always inspiring. This new  package is once again an evolution; a rebirth of our radio. It’s a Kind of Magic.”

Listen to RTL 2 package here:

Listen to more audio here:

SOB Audio Imaging Launches Massive 2022 Jingle Package for Radio Gelderland

Radio Gelderland, Holland’s biggest regional public broadcaster, commissioned a massive new jingle package from SOB: 35 cuts!

The station is strongly rooted in the province of Gelderland, which has a brilliant history with some of the most professional and notorious pirate stations!

Radio Gelderland offers a lot of spoken word programming but is also known for its strong music content, with a big focus on the 70s and 80s. So keywords for the new package were: proud, feelgood, warm, a touch of nostalgia and instant recognizability!

SOB AUDIO IMAGING is an audio and music production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded in 1996. The company creates sound & music for advertising and branding, they produce station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and tv stations, they create radio and tv commercials, and the team sells imaging libraries & production libraries and offer state-of-the-art audio postproduction, recording and editing/mastering facilities.

Clients include radio & TV stations all over Europe, advertising agencies, commercial production companies, advertisers, broadcast consultants and record companies including Apple, Samsung, ATAG, Heineken, Mentos, HP and Hasbro. Learn more at

Capital of Media’s New My Radio 2022 Package Turns up the Feel Good

Capital of Media presents ‘My Radio 2022’, a fresh Modern AC package that brings a smile to the sound of your radio station.

Created with the authentic style of jingles, complimented with today’s audio engineering and effects.

My Radio 2022 contains 15 cuts including a Top of Hour, news, weather, traffic and 10 IDs.

Capital of Media helps brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable.

Their work can be heard every day on national, regional and local stations and on every popular podcast platform.

Capital of Media has a team of 10 members and a permanent team of freelancers who do one thing every day: making #audioforpeoplewholoveaudio in the broadest sense of the word.


Tokyo FM, BMW Partner In New Virtual Reality Infused Radio Program Showcasing Sustainability and Future Radio Tech

In May of 2022, FM Tokyo started its partnership with BMW Japan in a brand radio program that aims to promote transportation sustainability. This is also a highlight time for the broadcast and automotive giant to showcase new technology in radio broadcasting.

The show aptly dubbed Drive Through The New World – Joy Moves Me is powered by Horizon Workrooms of Meta (the parent company of Facebook). Listeners and in this case viewers, will be able to participate and not just be a part of the audience, by providence their feedback instantly.

For BMW, this is also an opportunity not just to highlight the future and environmental sustainability efforts of their products but also to empower the listening community and the radio broadcasting industry in ushering in a new era of immersive and interactive media.

Tokyo FM’s Director of Digital Strategy, Yuji Shima, said, “you can experience the immersive feeling that the barrier between real and virtual disappears. Listen to the broadcast. I want you to enjoy it with your eyes and experience it with yourself .”

Ukraine 12-12 Sounds Unisono Via 6 National Radio Stations

The major media houses in Flanders – VRT, DPG Media, SBS and Mediahuis – are  joining forces on behalf of the victims of the invasion of Ukraine. Today, 17 March, they  launch the Ukraine 12-12 benefit action on 3 television channels and 6 national radio  stations. The sonic branding was created by branding agency Brandy. 

Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel, Nostalgie, Qmusic and Joe broadcast 14 hours of live radio  dedicated to helping the citizens of Ukraine. In the evening, a TV show will be broadcast on  één, VTM and Play4. 

Bart De Raes, who is coordinating the sonic branding for the project, recalls teaming with  Brandy: “A benefit action on 6 radio stations at the same time – what does that sound like? We  got together with Brandy to work on this question. Given the situation, we want to keep it  serious enough – still, the nature and tone-of-voice of the stations require a certain lightness,  a certain smile. Not an easy exercise, but you should definitely hear the result!” 

Brandy developed a recognizable musical theme and integrated it into tracks from the  international KickUp jingle series. Anne Paulissen and Wouter Landuyt were cast as voice overs. Listen to a selection via

Tomorrowland’s One World Radio Goes Worldwide With Brandy

ONE WORLD RADIO – TOMORROWLAND’s radio station – is celebrating its 3rd  anniversary with an imaging update produced by BRANDY. The ID package builds  on the unique orchestral sound of the world’s best dance festival. One World  Radio can already be received nationwide 24/7 in various European countries via  DAB+ and FM, and it’s also on air on Saturdays via Qmusic in the Netherlands and  Fun in France. 

Tomorrowland is a monument in the world of entertainment. And one of the pillars of its  success is that it requires the highest standard in everything it undertakes. When it  launched a radio station 3 years ago, it chose Brandy as its imaging partner for One  World Radio. Which was the start of a dream – and perfectly natural – collaboration, says  Stijn D’hont, head of Music Programming at OWR: “Tomorrowland wants to bring people  together: uniting the People Of Tomorrow with The Sound Of Tomorrowland 24/7 all  across the world. Brandy is unique in its ability to communicate that DNA in its  productions.” 

A new spectacular ID is the basis for a toolbox in which One World Radio can easily  process quotes and voiceovers. Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “We’re  building on the unique orchestral sound that is so characteristic of Tomorrowland. The synths and timeless classical instruments come together in a tight hybrid orchestral  sound. The intention was to immediately create a lot of momentum in the basic ID while  still being able to build up enough musically.” Here’s how the main ID sounds:

Swiss Radio Rouge Gets An Upgrade with fresh jingles from Newtones

The creative team at Newtones, a Production Studio based in Switzerland, has given Swiss radio station Rouge a major upgrade in their on air sound with 8 new radio jingles.

The jingles are part of a core update to the original and powerful Rouge jingle package launched in 2021.

Newtones CEO, Thomas Bise: “The guys at Rouge were a real pleasure to work with, and their feedback about the entire package was extremely positive. We’re happy to continue this collaboration over a new set of jingles in the coming months.”

Newtones offers services for companies, brands and medias. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of production for different radio and TV media groups, they make your skins, jingles, Radio or TV credits. Their great works are heard on RJB, RTN, OneFM, Rouge, Radio LAC, RJF, LFM and RTS.

Hear more at and follow their socials:

SOB Audio Imaging – New Radio Gelderland AC Jingle Package Preview

SOB Audio Imaging shared a preview to a new AC jingle package masterpiece they are working on for AC station Radio Gelderland.

We’ve been working hard with a bunch of great people on the massive new jingle package for Dutch public AC station Radio Gelderland. Friendly, uplifting jingles with a fresh and still familiar sound that fits perfectly with the station’s Nostalgia/AC playlist.

SOB Audio Imaging Team

SOB AUDIO IMAGING continues to soar high as the top choice for audio and music production in Europe and around the world.

The company creates sound & music for advertising and branding, produce station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and tv stations, compose radio and tv commercials, record, edit & mix your podcast, sell imaging libraries & production libraries and offer state-of-the-art audio postproduction, recording and editing/mastering facilities.

Clients include radio & TV stations all over Europe, advertising agencies, commercial production companies, advertisers, broadcast consultants and record companies. Notable clients include Apple Inc, Samsung, ATAG, Heineken, Mentos, HP, Hasbro, Europa 2 and NPO Radio 5.

Radio Station ID Jingles

SOB Audio Imaging provides station ID jingles for radio and tv stations all over Europe – and beyond!

They have produced jingle packages for stations in countries like Germany, Norway, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Iceland, Greece, Ukraine, Thailand and Jordan. And they can either create tailor-made custom jingles for you or use existing (syndicated) jingle packages that you can choose from.

Listen to more jingle packages in different radio station formats from the SOB Audio Imaging website,

Qmusic 2022 – The Sound of Today’s Musical CHR Imaging

The commercial market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands, Qmusic is one of the sexiest radio brands in Europe. And as the station strives to innovate continuously with its imaging, Brandy reinvented the power intro especially for Qmusic’s image … and Q made it hot again! 

The station wants to set the example in all areas in 2022 as well. The latest jingle package – ‘Q Hits Better’ – was remixed to drive the energy levels completely through the roof at certain moments. This is the sound of musical CHR today.

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Cool Toolz V4: Something cool to spice up your imaging

Need a production library that makes your station sound cool in no-time? Don’t waste any time and just get Cool Toolz V4 and start producing right away! It contains 150 High Energy FX and Work Parts that quadruple the power of your imaging!

Give your production some punch with the wide arrange of Impacts or start your jingles or promos on the fly with the Starters. Create speed with the Risers, Sweeps and Launchpads. Or break things up with the Breakers and Switchers.

Cool Toolz V4 is compatible with Hot AC, CHR, Urban and Rock formats and is ideal for stations, podcasters or independent producers with a smaller imaging budget. It’s also available in an affordable bundle with all Cool Toolz libraries.

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