Plymouth radio station provides warm meal to anyone in need


An internet radio station called Omnium Radio CIC is situated in Plymouth and is maintained entirely by volunteers.

Every day this month, a Plymouth community radio station is giving away free hot food. The meal is available to anyone through Omnium Radio, a Stonehouse-based community centric organization.

For the remainder of December, volunteers from the radio station—which also owns the candy store Omni-Yum—are offering the generous meals between 1 and 3 p.m. at their location on 26 Manor Street.

The gesture comes at a time when many are having difficulty as a result of increasing expenditures and the colder weather. According to research conducted by the nonprofit Food Foundation, roughly one in five families were food insecure in September.

Early this month, a new British Medical Association (BMA) research claimed that doctors are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand from people whose health concerns are being aggravated by deprivation, substandard housing, a lack of warmth, and dietary restrictions.

Omnium Radio shared this onto their Facebook page.

“Every day between 1-3 throughout December we will be giving out hot stew for those needing a bite to eat for lunch.” It is also asking for donations of veg, to enable them to have “enough to go around”.

Donations and other inquiries can be directed to