$0.00 DAW Plugins That Are So Good 


Venus Theory is one of the leading sound designer and content creators online. His huge following is a testament of his influence, that plugin makers are looking into making their products featured in his content.

This time Venue Theory showcased nine free plugins, so good they shouldn’t be free, but thank heavens they are.

Paulxstretch is so damn good for pads and ambient, can’t get enough of sounds you can make with it only with one sample!

Nikolay Trofimov, Audio Producer

Panflow is so useful! So often I have some kind of FX-type sound that I want to bounce around the stereo field but isn’t worth the effort of scripting an automation. Now I just throw panflow at the end of the FX chain, hit one button to generate a random panning loop and I’m sorted. Massive efficiency dividends.

Eamon Coughlan, Composer and Musician, United Kingdom

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