Listeners Send Appreciation for Inclusivity in Tokyo FM Radio Program


Tokyo FM’s mission transcends beyond entertainment and information, the station touches lives and the community. And this is even truer today, as radio host Takuya Kimura, shared a message from a teenage listener who was inspired by the program “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO”.

This month, a teenager who is suffering from stuttering, shared this message.

“The other day, I sent a message about stuttering. Thank you for reading the last time! I had a hard time living with stuttering, but Mr. Kimura’s words saved my heart and I decided to do more and more.”

“I hope I can overcome it. Thank you for giving me such kind words! “, says an 18 year old female listener who also suffers from the same disorder.

“I have had stuttering since I was a child, and like this person, I really love talking, but I can’t speak because I’m afraid of getting stuck (in words).” – from another listener.

“There are a lot of things that are painful, painful, and regrettable, so I can understand the feelings,” said another radio listener.

“Mr. Kimura’s encouragement touched my heart very much. Thank you! I hope that the program will encourage more people with stuttering all over the country,” said a 53 year old woman from Tokyo.

Kimura said, “I’m very happy that (listeners) are connected through this radio. I would be happy if you could make (this program) a place for exchanging opinions.

TOKYO FM “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!” started airing this month and broadcasts everyday Saturday.