Tokyo FM, BMW Partner In New Virtual Reality Infused Radio Program Showcasing Sustainability and Future Radio Tech


In May of 2022, FM Tokyo started its partnership with BMW Japan in a brand radio program that aims to promote transportation sustainability. This is also a highlight time for the broadcast and automotive giant to showcase new technology in radio broadcasting.

The show aptly dubbed Drive Through The New World – Joy Moves Me is powered by Horizon Workrooms of Meta (the parent company of Facebook). Listeners and in this case viewers, will be able to participate and not just be a part of the audience, by providence their feedback instantly.

For BMW, this is also an opportunity not just to highlight the future and environmental sustainability efforts of their products but also to empower the listening community and the radio broadcasting industry in ushering in a new era of immersive and interactive media.

Tokyo FM’s Director of Digital Strategy, Yuji Shima, said, “you can experience the immersive feeling that the barrier between real and virtual disappears. Listen to the broadcast. I want you to enjoy it with your eyes and experience it with yourself .”