Kiss FM Kobe, Tokyo FM and more to bring in more ‘Smile’ on air with new radio program


Japan’s pop icon Suzuki Airi has a new FM radio program “Easy To Smile”, which covers various topics such as music, acting, and modeling and will start in October 2021.

The aim is to bring in a different kind radio programming that is light, entertaining and fun and will bring more smile to radio listeners in this day and age.

Suzuki came to stardom back in 2005, as part of the pop group “C-ute”.

The band’s most popular single came in 10th place on Japan’s Oricon weekly chart.

The group constantly made headlines with jam packed live performances both in Japan and overseas.

In 2018, Suzuki debuted as a solo artist with the single “Do Me A Favor” in June of 2018. She appeared in the Rock in Japan Festival 2019 and did exclusive modelling stint at the Tokyo Girls Collection.

The program “Easy To Smile by Airi Suzuki will start airing October 2021 on all JFN affiliated stations (Japan FM Network), including: FM Iwate, Date fm, Fukushima FM, Tokyo FM, FM GUNMA, Radio Berry, FM-NIIGATA, FM Nagano, FM Fukui, FM GIFU, FM Shiga, FM Osaka, Kiss FM KOBE, FM Sanin, FM Okayama, FM Yamaguchi, FM Kagawa, FM Kochi, FM Saga, FM Nagasaki, FM Kumamoto and FM Okinawa.