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Orange Free Sounds has made available mp3 sound logos to download.

From organic to synths, guitar, phone and there’s even breaking news sound logo.

The mp3 versions are free and small fee for the WAV versions.

The CinemaRaven production house discovered the most used sound effect in cinema and edited a demonstration video
The film production company CinemaRaven of Denver (Colorado) recently released a super cut composed of numerous movie trailers in which the same sound effect is used : that atonal descending scale with a synthetic sound that we have already heard in almost any film science fiction of 2016.

In the introduction to the video, CinemaRaven specifies that the trailers pasted in the video The Most Overused Sound Effect in Movie Trailers (2017 film trailers cut together) are only twenty, but that the list of trailers in which the abused special effect is present is very longer.