MNM Pops With Smack Trax 4 by Brandy

BRANDY has restocked the SMACK TRAX package again with 6 cuts: 5 super sing- along jingles and a special programme-theme. Poppiness and a broad inviting feel were the focal points during the making of this package.

For many years, BRANDY and MNM have been working together for the production of station’s on air design. MNM wants to make a clear difference with its jingles: to sound contemporary and innovative, without losing musicality or functionality.

Bart De Raes, responsible for the netflow of MNM, is very happy with the collaboration:

“It’s so nice to be closely involved in the production process. The briefing is followed up with a lot of care, all the while leaving room for debate and discussion. This is a jingle package like we wanted it, that is tailor-made”.

Meanwhile, the SMACK TRAX series consists of almost 30 cuts and hundreds of mixouts. It is built around the recognizable 3-note logo and the baseline “Music and More” and is also available for resings.

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MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily reach of 12,68% and a market share of 10,28% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2019). MNM brings contemporary hits and lots of information for and by young people.

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