KBS World Radio turns to listeners to improve station


With the aim of better understanding the needs and expectations of overseas listeners and provide better broadcasting services, KBS Korea International Radio is conducting an overseas listeners satisfaction survey.

“The valuable opinions of every listener will become our valuable information to improve the quality of broadcast programs. ” – KBS World Radio posted onto their website.

For the listeners who participated in the survey, the station will send souvenirs by lot. Survey is accessible here. Below is the company’s message to participants.

The purpose of this survey is to help KBS WORLD Radio produce better programs and services. Please share your thoughts on KBS WORLD Radio and/or the ways in which you believe it should be improved. Your answers will be of great value to us in creating better programs. Your responses will be made anonymous, and will only be used for statistical purposes. We appreciate your honest opinions. Small prizes will be sent to a number of survey participants selected in a draw. Please submit your email address at the end of the survey to enter the draw.

KBS World Radio is the official international broadcasting station of South Korea. Owned by the Korean Broadcasting System, the station broadcasts news and information in 11 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, German, French and Spanish.