KIIS, Z100, Kiss108, KDWB Imaging Logo Firepower with Sonic Integrity @i_BluePrint #BlueprintLogos


Blueprint Logos – constantly embedding your sonic logo into the minds of your listeners. The attention to detail is unparalleled. Blueprint Logos, a constantly growing library of the hit music you play, the result the biggest hits become synonymous with your station. Never have songs been branded with this kind of sonic integrity.

The Imaging Blueprint team is skilled at replicating the synthesis of today’s CHR playlist. This is sonic mastery at its best. It doesn’t just sound like the song. It feels like the song. This multi-purpose logos can also be spliced off and cut into artist promos, beds and IDs.

Imaging Blueprint has launched a new service: ‘Blueprint Logos’ debuting on select stations around the globe, including 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles.

Following the success of the daily updated production service Imaging Blueprint, the team launched ‘Blueprint Logos’, focusing on the station’s sonic identity! The station’s Sonic Logo is embedded into the music you play, branding your station without saying a word!

Imaging Blueprint has mastered replicating the synthesis of today’s CHR playlist using the same instruments & synths utilised within the song in question. Using real instruments, they know exactly which model of guitar to grab from the rack, which pickups to use and the amp to plug it through.

Blueprint Logos is updated weekly and offers a choice of Logos (such as the Z100 New York, Kiss 108 Boston, KIIS LA and KDWB) plus custom Logos and a variety of mixouts.

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