iHeartMedia, Cumulus Media’s secret to winning on-air promotion concepts


Do you ever get stuck coming up with new ways to run contests & promotions? Does your station need a constant stream of great promotional ideas to serve your clients?

Do you wish there was a resource that could help you best manage your time? Well, guess what… there is a service designed just for that.

Introducing Paige Nienaber… consultant extraordinaire here to provide a new variety of services to your station!

Paige Consulting Services, a three-time winner of the Promotional Consultant of Year at the WorldWide Radio Summit would like to work with your programming and sales teams to create money-making ideas for your station.

Some of the biggest players in radio today including iHEART Media and Cumulus Media are using promotion concepts from Paige Consulting Services.

Check out some of the amazing services that Paige can offer your station


Consulting Service Includes:

The Daily Email: It includes seasonal prep, event forecasting (national, regional and local), holidays, PC and non-PC stuff for any format…AND an archive that goes back years!

• Phone contact with your promotion/programming team virtually as often as you request. He can advise on present promotions, those you have in mind, and those that he can recommend from his trove.
• Morning show workups to maximize the effectiveness of their presentations on stunts and promotions. Some stations simply use him for their morning shows and his work there is evident in their respective ratings.
• Street-Team work (a specialty of CPR) to keep the hands on the public… so to speak.
• Station visits (as available). On site work with your sales/promotions/ programming/on-air teams to strategize and execute on his or your ideas.
He’s as hands-on as you wish him to be.
• Sales/promotion/sponsor conference calls to consider the benefits of promotions for sponsor premiums that team members have in mind. For his Green Bay affiliate it generated six figures in that small market…well, it was football, but it was HUGE!!
• Programming assistance including teases, format launches, jock hires, liners…


• Develop a Secret Sound contest that will require 36 clues per week.
• A station has an air talent shuffling shifts. They need to know how to keep the listeners from being confused and how best to follow this talent to his new airtime.
• A station in Namibia is going to move all of their brands into one building and want to “make noise” to their listeners about that.
• A station has to discontinue an NTR event and need to know what other stations are doing that’s working best.
• Help a station that is rebranding with fresh ideas using their new logo line, Fresh 101.5.
• Help a station that needs imaging for a sports tournament that’s happening by writing liners for their talent.
• A station wants to sell discounted tickets to their State Fair—they need the funniest way to get the word out.
• A station has His/Her jet skis to give away this summer and needs contesting ideas for watersports.
• A station wants to create characters of vapid “influencers” for a video series.
• A station needs an event for their auto mall advertisers.