Reason for WPLJ New York Closure Revealed


(With report by Vanessa Murdock of CBS) Sitting in traffic listening to 95.5, this is the luxury fans can’t enjoy much longer, 95.5 PLJ made the announcement this morning after 48 years of broadcasting, May 31st will be its last day playing music that makes you feel good.

Reports indicate revenues are down 70 percent over the last decade and that it’s been sold to a Christian Broadcasting Company.

WPLJ is closing shop

Current host race Taylor tweeted it’s official goodbyes are hard this one’s going to hurt a little.

Loyal listeners made their feelings known on Facebook I won $5,000 in 1989 with the song of the day contest I used the money to go to college and became an RN

WPLJ has been my morning radio station for 35 plus years don’t know how my mornings will shape up now.

Reporter met up with Patti Steele of WCBS FM’s Scott Shannon in the morning with Patti Steele she co-hosted WPLJ with Shannon in the early 2000s.

“We had some incredible guests and and that was really fun Steele describes PLJ as legendary across the nation two iterations one with you know a moment defining rock station and then into this sort of adult top 40 station that it became with Scott and so to see that go away is breathtaking and its legacy is something that is almost indescribable a legacy that will live on even as the tunes fade into history.”

History of WPLJ Radio Jingles

Into the Music from JAM
Maximum Power from JAM
Nonstop Power from JAM
Breakthrough from JAM
Big Time Mornings from TM Century
Scott and Todd Morning Show Jingles TM Century
Power 95 Jingles Century 21 (1990)
Power Station from JAM 1986
Big Time Radio TM Century
WABC Stereo 95.5 New York (1960s)
PLJ Radio Imaging by StickyFX 2011
1978 Music Image

WPLJ NY City / Tony Pigg Jingle – 1978

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