This New Amazon Device Will Turn Your Ordinary Speakers Into Smart Ones


More and more listeners not just in the US are now tuning in to their favorite radio stations via smart speakers.

Amazon’s smart speakers are popular among consumers since they allow third party broadcast content providers unlike Apple’s walled garden.

With the introduction of the new product Amazon Echo Input, more and more consumers will now be jumping into the smart speaker craze.

For some months now, Amazon’s range of intelligent speakers has become substantial: the Jeff Bezos group has created Echo devices of all types and for all budgets, but for someone spending 60 dollars or more for a smart mini-speaker from putting in the living room may still be too much – especially if the existing home audio system is not yet to be retired. Here, then, that the company presented in these days an even cheaper alternative dedicated to this category of people: it is Amazon Echo Input , an extremely compact and economical accessory designed to give the Alexa digital assistant functionality to the devices non-smart audio .

The device looks like a disk 8 cm in diameter and just over a centimeter in height, and connects to an existing audio system via a bluetooth connection or a normal 3.5 mm audio cable . On board it also houses a series of four microphones to listen to the commands, the Wi-Fi antennas needed to connect to the Net to make Alexa work and the services it is connected to, a USB port for power and the usual commands to shut down the microphones that are also found on the other Echo gadgets.

In short, Echo Input incorporates everything you need to talk with Amazon’s voice assistant and make sure that the answers and the required music are distributed in a house already equipped with an audio system – all without spending more than the price of the device, that is 35 dollars . The gadget has only two problems: the first is that it should be positioned at a certain distance from the speakers, to make sure that it can always hear its interlocutors loud and clear; the second is that its availability on the Italian markethas not yet been announced. Echo Input is currently available on the US, Indian and English markets, and will soon arrive in Germany.

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