High Impact ReelWorld Imaging Airs on Norway’s Best CHR Station



NRK mP3 get new ReelWorld imaging

Norway’s public broadcaster, NRK mP3 have launched a new station sound package this week from ReelWorld.

The station, which targets young listeners, has received a new set of CHR themes featuring high impact voiceovers.

NRK’s Christer Johan Petterson-Dahl said – “NRK mP3 has always been the best sounding CHR station for young people in Norway and this new package allows us to maintain that position. It’s a great package that fits the music and hosts on NRK mP3. We love it!”

The project saw NRK mP3 continue their long standing relationship with ReelWorld producer Ben Marks – “It’s always a great pleasure to work with NRK mP3. The challenge this time was to make things feel more natural. To marry that huge contemporary VO sound with the conversational delivery that’s in keeping with spoken Norwegian. I couldn’t be happier with the result. It was so much fun to produce!”

ReelWorld work with some of Europe’s biggest youth broadcasters including RTE 2FM in Ireland, the UK’s BBC Radio 1 and Bayern 3 in Germany.

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