Jakarta FM Station Embraces The Full Power of Podcasting



I-Radio Jakarta believes in the full potential of podcasting, which is why podcast is one of its major content solution in their media strategies including digital.

I-Radio is one of the leading stations in the country, along with its sister stations in their network serving top notch broadcast programming.

It began broadcasting on September 1, 2000, but was officially introduced to the public on March 28, 2001, which became the date of birth of I-Radio Jakarta. With the vision of “making Indonesian music the host in their own country” and the mission being number one in its format, I-Radio has the slogan “Juaranya Indonesian Music”, by only playing 100% urban pop songs by the country’s own informative musicians, Interactive, and Intermezzo.

From its 24-hour broadcast, I-Radio Jakarta comes with quality domestic music from the era of the 90s to the millennium. The type of music chosen are songs that are, and have been hits from various streams, such as pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, ska, ballads to alternatives. At present I-Radio Jakarta has become the main reference in the journey and development of Indonesian music, both among musicians and the community.

As the changes continue and the flow of information continues, I-Radio Jakarta also strengthens the Informative side for I-Listeners. By presenting a number of quality information that is actual and factual, it is expected that I-Listeners can obtain complete information, while still being able to enjoy quality Indonesian music. That is, I-Radio Jakarta is a radio that is “Not Just Indonesian Music”.

Jakarta Broadcast I-Radio is broadcast directly from Sarinah Building on the 8th floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin 11, Jakarta Pusat. Hosted with a “close and friendly” broadcast style.

They have updated podcast content on their website http://iradiofm.com/

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