ReelWorld’s Most Versatile Jingle Package


TransAmerica Brazil

The KISS Seattle package is among the most popular packages of the Seattle-based jingle company. Originally produced for 102.5 Clyde1, the American release took the whole world by storm. It was unlike any other package ReelWorld has produced.

While the Z100s and the KISS FMs catered to the CHR sound, Kiss 106.1 was and still is versatile.

It can be syndicated for a Hot AC, even AC, Classic Hits, and Rhythmic AC formats.

The secret lies in the diverse musical DNA of each theme which covers every music genre, ballad, rock, dance, pop.

The interesting part of the package was that it was sung for a six syllable station name – KISS ONE-OH-SIX POINT ONE!

So stations particularly in Asia where station names are lengthy see this as an instant favorite. This one hear is for TransAmerica Brazil (that’s even seven syllables).

Of course, their latest jingle packages are just as versatile as they are contemporary. Listen to the KISS Seattle package and the rest of their demos here

Clyde 1

Kiss Seattle

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