Pop Rock Jingles That Pop and Rock AF!



PURE Jingles created another masterpiece for SRF 3, part of the Swiss public broadcaster SRF, a station that reaches 1.2 million listeners (15% market share).

The core artists are OneRepublic, Arctic Monkeys & Sia so PURE Jingles created jingles that pop and rock at the same time!

The sound of Switzerland’s Pop & Rock station continues to rise with these new custom-made themes, carrying titles such as Bumpy Jura and Red Wallis inspired by the country’s beautiful regions with breathtaking landscapes!

In music cycles,there are mountains & valleys as well; that’s why this update enhances the previous packages by including a few laid-back feeling cuts:


PURE Jingleslovesto create radio imaging & branding, and is happy to energize BBC Radio 1, Capital, NRJ, WKTU, NPO 3FM, Studio Brussel & many more …

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