Kiss108 Boston Jingles From 10 Years Still Sound Fresh Today



Part of the March 2008 release, these ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles for WXKS Boston are still sounding fresh even next to today’s top hits.

This is the power, longevity power that is of ReelWorld jingles.

ReelWorld ONE is one of the many innovative radio jingle solutions from the Seattle-based company.

Every month fresh jingle themes are served from top of hour to weather beds and even produced IDs.

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Here is what you get each month:

2 New Jingle Themes (with mixouts)
10 Produced ID Shells
4 Beatmix Shells
3 Logo Song Intros
2 Sonic Logos (Drone, Stinger and Tone version)

Access to an entire suite of:
Produced ID Shells
Beatmix Shells
News & Traffic Beds
Logo Workparts
Custom Vocal Kit
Key & BPM Charts

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