The Missing TM Century Jingles of Red Hot Mix FM Using WPLJ Logo


Heard here are jingles for Red Hot Mix FM 105.9 DXMX Davao City Philippines.

These were produced by TM Century (now TM Studios).

They were using the famous sonic jingle logo of 95.5 WPLJ.

Voice imaging were done by the legendary Sonny B who has been with UMBN as well and major CHR stations in Manila.

Today, the frequency is franchised to 105.9 Balita FM Davao a newstalk format run and operated by Oriental Mindoro Management Resources Corporation / Real Radio Network.

The same format used on 92.3 News FM Manila by TV5.

Some of the jingles here were also lifted from a WKTI package and the Rhythm of the City.

Red Hot Mix FM, whose website used to be iMix.FM was a popular station not just in Davao but all over the world.

The station manager is a huge fan and avid subscriber of TM Century products and services, including their Hit Disc and a few imaging libraries.

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