Download Free Logic, Pro Tools and Audition Templates for Imaging Producers via @AudioSweets


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Free imaging template sessions from ASX!

AudioSweets announced that it’s giving free DAW session templates to radio imaging producers.

Brand new and available from AudioSweets ASX, 3 ‘template’ imaging sessions were created by the team at AudioSweets for use in Logic, Pro Tools and Adobe Audition.

Open up, tweak and play around!

Rob Wills, Creative Director wrote a full blog to coincide with the release of the templates.

“The great thing about the creative art of imaging, is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. It’s what sounds right for you and the brand/station/show you are working on.

We know everyone uses different DAWs which is why we have created template sessions in Adobe Audition, Pro Tools and Logic.

So, the idea is this! Open it up. Have a play around. Tweak settings. Add bits. Remove bits. It might just help you better your sound, make you think about your session or start the journey to a new session! Plus, it’s free and nothing is free anymore!”

The templates are free to download to all existing AudioSweets subscribers.

How to get free DAW templates?

Contact the team to learn how to avail of the services and the session downloads here

Read the whole blog at

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