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Blueprint to The 8th…Contraband Media creates the new sound for Charlie Sloth!

Contraband Media, the team behind Imaging Blueprint has created the package for Charlie Sloth’s new show ‘The 8th’ airing weeknights 9 -11 on BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 1Xtra!

The imaging package utilizes fresh, young VO talent ‘Jaguar’ which matches the show’s youth culture.

Adam Burgess, Contraband Media Company Director said:
The Show opener needed a big sound, we were asked to remix the theme from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey.’ The station sound team wanted an epic sound mixed with Trap. Of course we were more than up for the challenge…and to quote Charlie we think the outcome is pretty ‘sick!’

Tom Cross, Contraband Media Company Director said:
It’s a pleasure to work on this project for BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 1Xtra. 2017 has been a stellar year for us with multiple projects airing on the BBC and producing this package for Charlie Sloth rounds off the year nicely!

Hear the imaging on air now across the UK or online via

From: Contraband Media Ltd

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