Yes FM Hayahay Campaign



The local campaign of Yes FM from Manila Broadcasting Company that further increased their ratings in radio surveys. They are the top 2 most listened to station in Metro Manila. They are a customer of a Seattle based production company who uses one of their jingle packages. Their success led to the re-branding to Yes The Best, which targets the millennial demographic.

This is a showcase of the radio imaging they aired a year ago, which employs adapting the jingles into skit-like production, making it sound local and relatable to its target audience.

This technique was also used in their station Love Radio, which is the number 1 FM radio network in the Philippines.

This was also the time when the mother network MBC, heavily promoted the use of built-in FM radio in smartphones to tune in to their stations.

Now called Yes The Best, the station is the top choice of listeners who are in their 30s and 20s.

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