The Most AC Radio Friendly Imaging FX Library Conquers Norway #Glide3 @StickyFX


Norway’s soft ac P7 Klem has overhauled their complete imaging with Glide 3.

Aleksander Lilleøien is imaging director for several of the ‘P-stations’ like P5 Hits, P6 Rock, P7 Klem, P8 Pop, P9 Retro and P10 Country.

They are broadcasting for the cities of Lillehammer, Oslo and Bergen in Norway.

Here’s what he has to say about using Glide 3 exclusively for the update of their audio image.

Aleksander Lilleøien, Imaging Director P7 Klem:

“P7 is a very soft ac station, and when time came to remake the station sound we were looking for something that was smooth and subtle enough to make the imaging next to invisible.

After a long search we decided that Glide 3 was by far, our best bet. For us, the most valuable parts of Glide 3 are the Fly-in’s, Whooshes and Starters.”

“All in all, Glide 3 helped us create exactly what we wanted. Now our imaging sounds up to date, and it blends seamlessly into the music in a smooth and subtle way.”

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