Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Activate FM Radio Especially During Emergencies



Dennis Wharton, a representative for the National Association of Broadcasters, stated, “Broadcasters are providing information on how to evacuate quickly, where flood waters are raging, how to get out of harm’s way if there’s a tornado or a hurricane. The notion that Apple or anyone else would block this type of information is something that we find fairly troubling.”

Apple’s opponents, for example, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC have just begun shipping units with actuated FM chips. Apple still refuses.

Clearly, the radios don’t exist in iPhones and haven’t for over a year now. In light of the desire made by FCC to open the FM radio in iPhones, Apple disclosed to TechCrunch that:

“Apple cares deeply about the safety of our users, especially during times of crisis and that’s why we have engineered modern safety solutions into our products. Users can dial emergency services and access Medical ID card information directly from the Lock Screen, and we enable government emergency notifications, ranging from Weather Advisories to AMBER alerts. iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models do not have FM radio chips in them nor do they have antennas designed to support FM signals, so it is not possible to enable FM reception in these products.”

Apple appeared to demonstrate that it had no plans to empower FM radio on more established telephones either, saying that the iPhone as of now incorporates other safety features. The organization has not said precisely why it keeps the radio turned off however some propose if the transmitter was initiated, iPhone proprietors would have the capacity to tune in to neighborhood radio stations for nothing. This would mean losing on Apple’s web radio administration, Apple Music, supporters that require a paid membership.

Whatever be the genuine purpose behind not initiating FM radio on iPhones, there is almost certainly that this element could help a considerable lot of its iPhone clients in times of crisis.

However, Sam Matheny blogged today on NAB that Apple deliberately turns off the FM radio.

“Apple has chosen to only use the WiFi and Bluetooth aspects of the communications module. They have admitted as much for all phones through the iPhone 6 series, at which point they claim FM capability was removed from the 7 series and 8 series. Yet, tear-down reports indicate the iPhone 8 contains the same 4357 chip family, which manufacturer Broadcom clearly states includes an integrated FM radio core.”

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