Former Z100 NY Guy Raves For New AC Imaging FX Library @StickyFX


Former WHTZ late night DJ Joe Rosati and now Imaging Director for KYXY 96.5 is raving for the new AC imaging FX library Glide 3.

“My production has never sounded this good!

Glide 3 will take your product to the next level, and the level after that…. and after that!

From whooshes to beds this is the library every producer should have and use. Great for all projects.”

Joe is also on K-Earth 101 LA: Weekends and do Freelance Imaging Producer and Voice Over.

Since 2011, the Glide library has been used by many leading radio stations around the world.

Now, the third volume includes over 600 FX and Work Parts categorized in 12 sections including: beds, bleeps, impacts, whooshes and much more.

Learn more about Glide 3 at

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